On Communication and Interaction (News Section)

I'll try to keep it short, at times we (consumers) do have questions on the product and we have to rely on responses from the discussion thread from verified suppliers, admins or other users to clarify the matter. This is adequate, but what happens if an issue is deemed to be large enough to trigger a response/announcement from the Massdrop admins? My two cents, is to establish a news section (alongside drop, poll, talk, discover sections) where admins can comfortably interact with us consumers and relay important news, messages and events.
How big can an issue be you may ask? Recently, a user asked what happens if Massdrop accepted a consumer to join a drop when the requested amount has been clearly exceeded. Will it be rejected? Do we get into a balloting system? I lost track of that chat in the discussion section, but I do wish that Massdrop can pin answers to frequently asked questions so as to reduce the reliance on the Massdrop Team to answer repeated questions. I believe it will be beneficial to Massdrop as well.
Please forgive me if this question has been answered, thank you.


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