Preamp recommendation?

I had been using one of my headphone amps as a preamp for my power amps, but after getting my new headphone amp, I quickly realized all of the major shortcomings of the other, both as a headamp, and as a pre. The new amp won't allow for a pre-out, so I can't simply use it to feed the power amps, so I'm after a new dedicated preamp.
So, for those of you that run speakers, do you have any preamp recommendations? They'll be feeding a pair of Dynaco Mk III running the stock driver board setup, so input impedance is likely fairly low, meaning I'll need a pre with a low out, but beyond that, I'm pretty open here.
I'm thinking solid state, primarily due to size, heat, and general cost of maintenance, but if priced right, tubes may be worthy of consideration (though their output impedance is likely high for my needs here). On the subject of price, I'm thinking a few hundred dollars (US) right now, but given the lack of direction I have at the moment, I may be up for stretching that a bit if needed. Old or new (fairly likely to try to track down something used either way), I'm really just after direction at the moment. I can wait on this for sure, but I have no idea what I'm after, so I'm hoping to get a little guidance.

Can't really speak to the preamp specifics as I gave up on a prior search due to running my DAC with volume control directly to my monoblocks. I then switched living situations and now have a combined HT and Hifi so I am exploring options with HT Bypass, if that matters to you the budget is gonna need a cash injection : )
If I didn't want/need HT Bypass this would be my budget choice... . sadly what I want runs more the 800-1000 range and that is just not worth it to me given my intention to separate the two again and purchase a Emotiva Stealth DC-1 to run direct to the monoblocks.
Yep if you need just one, the DC-1 is sufficient by itself. On the DC-2: Unless they show it at Emofest (and even sometimes those that have been shown) don't believe it's real until it's on the site. I can think of a half dozen rumored products over the years that have yet to materialize. They've also ceased any and all sales outside of B-stocks and emofest (I've not been but might some day)
Jan 20, 2018
Ceased sales of what? I did see someone mention the DC-1 being discontinued at one point, though I've yet to see it go anywhere. That was also the source of the latest and most detailed rumor I'd seen regarding the DC-2, which, had the DC-1 disappeared, would have lent some solid credibility to it.
I definitely don't plan to wait until I hear about a DC-2 specifically to do anything, but I'm not in any big rush, so I'm willing to wait it out a bit if I do end up deciding that the Emo route is the one to take, just to see what happens.
Regardless, the DC-1 looks interesting, and I'm curious to see how it would fit in, though I am a bit reluctant to go down the "neutral" path again, as everything I've heard described as neutral has bored me to the point of trying to target a few various colorations.
Jan 19, 2018
I'm very happy with Garage1217 Project Polaris as a headphone amp and speaker pre. It has adjustable gain, output impedence, bandwidth (high frequency roll off through 10k on highest setting), input attenuation, and LED brightness.
Jan 20, 2018
I’d seen some of their stuff (though I had honestly forgot about them when I started looking for a pre), and they look like a good option, but the open chassis design sort of turned me away when I had looked prior.
I’ll consider it nonetheless, and I appreciate the positive nod in that direction. Looks like it should be able to outdo my other preamp, though I definitely want to know a few different options prior to actually doing anything.