Jan 20, 2018131 views

A Hug & 3 Kisses: my Ed Halligan Memorial Mini-Collection

I’ve always loved Halligan‘s designs in knives. His simple, hard-lined edges and Bauhaus style is a mix between 1989’s Robocop chic and mountain-minimal utility. Here’s a look at four Halligan-made CRKT pieces that have become a favorite part of my larger collection.
From top to bottom:
CRKT Stiff K.I.S.S. with copper wire wrap handle and leather leash
CRKT Sweet K.I.S.S.
CRKT Slip K.I.S.S. with scales removed
CRKT H.U.G. with paracord leash

LEZZARD, 48thRonin2, and 5 others

Roger on the fixed blades. Have them and carry them every day. Not as excited about Ed's folders. Unique designs, but not anything that I would purchase or carry. Just my $0.02.
Very nice.