IEM’s & an iPhone X

I’m going to post a stupid question that hopefully someone can answer. If I picked up a pair of wired iem’s I’d use them for casual listening with my iPhone X. That would mean I’d have to use the adapter from my lightning port and it gives me room for pause since that’s obviously not ideal. Granted the music will be streamed from Spotify and Audible so it is what it is, but will entry level iems like Thinksound ts03 be adequate for that task?
I understand from what I’ve read that the volume will be good and won’t need any additional help, but what of the sound quality or degradation from being pushed from an iPhone and then the lightning cable adapter?? This is slightly vexing, does it even matter the quality of iem‘s At this point or am I just being ridiculous. Help needed from some knowledgeable audiophiles and subject journeyman. Thanks in Advance, cheers.

Jan 21, 2018
There is no difference SQ wise in the lightning port and the 3.5mm jack, the adapter is perfectly fine.