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Dyson V8 Stick Vacuum

As many people know, Dyson vacuums are amazing. I have seen then in action, used them, and now I have to have one.
My current townhouse around 1,200 square feet. And while it isn’t GIANT it is mostly carpet. Currently our shark stick vacuum just isn’t cutting it, and I would like something wireless that can truly rock it with the best of them.
For this reason I am looking towards the Dyson V8 absolute/animal. It has superior suction, a hepa filter and can last upwards of 40 minutes on a single charge. Which is WAY MORE than enough to clean my entire townhouse. Now it does have its short comings, no swapable batteries, a somewhat small tank, and only 7 minutes of run time on its highest setting.
But that said, the dyson even on its lowest setting will destroy my current shark vacuum. With the stains power carpet and hardwood heads it also has the lifting power of most full sized corded vacuums.
I personally would love to see the Dyson V8 animal or absolute as a drop....and I think many other people would too!
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I'm here for it, this is prime gift material where I am
I'd buy one!!
I would love to see this drop also!