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Washi Pattern Dress

I've been meaning to hem this dress for a long time! What's your favorite way to make sure the hemline is straight?


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I read, and want to try the following for an even hem with no one else to help mark. Put two push-pins across a doorway. Tie a piece of string across the two push-pins. Put baby powder on the string. Put on the item to be hemmed. Stand next to the string to mark your hem. Step away, turn a little, then repeat. The hem marking should be nice and even.
That's clever!
Since I'm usually sewing alone I found the easiest way to get a straight hem of the correct length is to slip it inside a finished skirt and match the waist and pin away!
That's a great idea! I'm thinking of investing in a dress form too.
Love the cult. What pattern is it?
Hi @Brentprim, I love the cut too. It's the Washi Dress pattern by Made by Rae. http://www.made-by-rae.com/washi/
Because our bodies and posture are not flat, it's best to wear the dress and have a second person mark the hem (all around) using a ruler from the floor. See photo below.
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I'll have to check it out. Thanks @jeanines!!!
That's awesome! I'll check it out too!
Re: the hem, do you have a rolled hem foot for your machine? That will work best and won't require you to do as much work. If you don't have one, Amazon has a set of low shank pressed feet for under $20 that's a great value.
I do but will might check out that set anyway! :-)
A trick I found "accidentally" while shortening a chiffon prom dress, is to wind fusible thread in the bobbin (I use Gutermann but I think there are other companies that make it), stitch 1/4" from cut edge with RS of fabric facing up, PRESS along stitching line (fusible thread melts and creates stable folded edge), trim close to (1/8") stitching line, turn up scant 1/4", then finally stitch close to (fused) folded edge. Voilá! I've managed 3/16" narrow hems on fabrics as diverse as cotton batiste and poly organza & chiffon.
I'm relatively new to apparel sewing, but I made a washi dress a few months ago and was really pleased with the result. I basically just followed the pattern directions for sewing the rolled hem (i.e. how far to turn the fabric under, how many times, etc) all the way around, and I think it looks fine. It's so full and flowy that I'm not sure a little variation/wonkiness would be terribly obvious. Maybe I have no clue...but I still wear it all the time and feel great in it! 😊
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I noticed that too and was thinking I might make a muslin frock first and try using elastic thread on the back to create more of a waist.
I've seen people add shirring at the back waist on it. That would likely work.
I can't wait to see the suggestions for this. I haven't done any clothes sewing but would really like to try my hand at it with a dress or some simple leggings.