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WIP - What should I bind with?

I need your help! This has been a WIP for almost a year now and my recent roadblock has been making a decision on binding.
Here are 3 options I pulled together: I could add some purple to the quilt, use this silvery grey which is already in the HSTs, or a subtle white print to edge the whole thing. I've also seen that striped binding is trending, my aunt introduced me to flange binding, or I could do a scrappy binding with my leftovers! There are so many great options and almost too much inspiration out there.
Thanks for you help :)

Quilt front:

Quilt back:
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I agree with umterp. You need a nice dark color to "frame" the quilt. I love your colors!!
Purple for contrast and framing. Also, bindings seem to pick up dirt easily, so the darker color will help with that too. Lovely quilt! There are great sewing groups to share and get feedback on FB too!
I would use purple for the contrast and good framing for your quilt.
I would add the purple in some areas of the quilt and use it for the binding. Your eye will travel from the purple blocks out to the edge, taking in more than it might otherwise.
Silvery grey, white gets dirty easily especially along the edges. Purple draws attention to binding not your quilt.
Of the 3 colors shown, I like the grey...unless there is purple in the quilt and it would go in a room that has purple accents.
I’m leaning towards the dark blue.
It might look great if you piece together some of the fabrics from the quilt to form a scrappy binding. I think throwing in some of that purple for bling would also be fabulous!
Seems like one of your blacks might be a good option, also.
I would use the cadet blue, as on the back; has a grayish tint that compliments the gray
The quilt is very pretty and very busy. I would use the less intrusive. Probably the silver or maybe the black to frame it.
#1 it’s nice contrast and ends the quilt
I like the middle best
its beautiful! Nice job!
I'd use the middle one. Seems to go with the color scheme
I am always a fan of gray, but that would really set off your quilt very well
Grey will give it a great look and not take away from all your hard work in the piecing. Love both sides of your quilt.
I went with the dark blue I had which is really more of a blue/purple chambray. I'm so happy to have finished. Thanks everyone for the help!
Dark blue
I really appreciate everyone's support and input! I dug through my other fabric hiding spots and found some blues and another grey. I am liking the darker blue but also may need to acquire a dark grey to finish off and ground this quilt. Let me know your thoughts!
Maybe a dark batik with thes colors in pattern.
Beautiful quilt--love your exact quilted squares! I would use solid charcoal or black as binding. First choice would be the charcoal or dark gray. Great job!
I like the solid deep blue as a backing color.
Black would frame this quilt nicely.
I too vote for a dark gray, even if you have to buy more.
Silver gray...definitely
Beautiful quilt. As with the rest of the quilt, binding is a personal choice -- do you like purple? I like dark bindings and would do a simple frame on this as it is busy, using the dark color of the back.
I agree the charcoal would have been a perfect frame. After that the silver grey would be great.
Time to buy more fabric :)
If the charcoal is no longer available I would go with the darkest blue. I love the look of stripped bindings but this quilt is asking for a simpler approach. So my first choice would be the solid blue that is in your quilt top. Second choice would be another charcoal that is not in the top. But I would use a solid charcoal, not a print or stripe. Your top is beautiful. Don't let a busy binding take away from it.
I often use stripes for my bindings. See if you can find a stripe with the light and dark grays or even gray and your blue. I agree with the others.....stay away from the plum. Congratulations on a great quilt!
Love the grey. A darker grey would be the best (hides wear better). Good luck!