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Why repeat so many drops?

So many of the drops are repeats of previous drops. Repeats of repeats, actually. I understand that there may be new participants in Massdrop that missed out on the previous offerings, but I find myself uninterested in the repeat offers. Would it be possible to add a newly offered item for each repeated item? I especially enjoy the new fat quarter offerings.
dkinsey and Grammie247

I agree. There are many other items suggested in the polls - would love to see some of those items offered.
In the quilting polls, there was a post for the Weightless Quilter (https://www.shop.dzgns.com/collections/quilting/products/weightless-quilter). I voted for this item along with almost 200 other people. I have been watching in hopes that this would be offered in a Drop. Now when I check the Polls to see if more people have voted for this, the listing has vanished. What happened & why is it gone?
I received my Klasse needle set today. Apparently they came last week and my husband forgot them in the back of his car. He met the postman just as he was driving away. I was wondering what happened because I came to have a look at estimated arrival time and it said they were delivered last week! Ha! Men ! Lol :) Anyways, Thank You Massdrop, I love my new set of needles and the cute little tin box they're in :) I also Love how you put drops on repeat. There's so many times you have a drop and I miss it but I know you'll repeat it sooner or later. I love that about Massdrop!
Hi Laurene,
Thank you for posting. We are actively working on increasing the new drop offerings and working to get more new fabrics online. The repeat drops come up more frequently due to the requests that we are able to see by community and the process of getting those items back online is a much faster process then getting new items up. Please feel free to share items you are interested in and we will see if we can bring them to the site!
Thank you so much, Sandy, for your reply. I have purchased items from Massdrop that I use each time I sew. My favorites are a small light that is attached to my machine and a pressing mat. I regretted that purchase, mostly because it was expensive for what appears to be a simple felted wool pad, but with it I am able to press blocks very flat, so no regrets after using it. I read a comment yesterday re the fabric selections being ugly. I do not agree. Fabric selections do seem to be mostly contemporary, and I prefer to create modern quilts. So keep the contemporary fat quarter packs coming!!
I love the repeat drops. I can't always get something when you initially offer it, but I know if I'm patient I'll get the chance again. That's one of my favorite things about Massdrop. :) amongst many other things. I just love Massdrop.