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Mass drop should collaborate with Beyer, DT-8XX

Would be amazing to see a collaboration with mass drop and beyerdynamics, for the DT 880 600 Ohm well known headphones pair.
Change the design, add a detachable cable, and keep the same sound signature of the glorious DT880.
This would be amazing!

Something as interesting, would be a Tesla one.
In particular, the T90s.
Massdrop T9X for the win!

Your toughts audiophils?

Defintely a great idea, but maybe it would be easier if they started with a model that has detachable cables. I doubt they would be able to change the DT880 that much, apart from offer it in all black colour scheme.
The T90 is long gone, but a Massdrop Amiron Home would be awesome (if you haven't heard them, you need to, they are incredible).
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Learn how to modify headphones, and build your own cables like I did :D
I've sent an off topic massage invite on Google Hangouts.