Help with budget stereo system

I had a cheap direct drive turntable for years, and after it took a dump I finally invested in a legit deck (Music Hall MMF 2.2.) it’s currently running through the red Rolls preamp into my A/V receiver for my TV, but I want to move my turntable into a different room, so I’m trying to put a component stereo for around $300. I want to have a separate amp and passive speakers so I can upgrade later on, and I want to be able to play both my turntable and streaming via Chromecast Audio. First off, I was gonna put the bulk of my budget into speakers: I’ve been eyeing the Pioneer Sp-BS-22-LR with the SMSL SA50 a does anyone have experience with this particular combo? Also, this has the issue that there’s only one input on the amp - would using a switched be detrimental to sound quality? Or is there a better amp solution I’m unaware of?

Feb 18, 2018
On my desk, I have an FX Audio DAC X6 that has USB, coaxial and a fiber optic input for your Chromecast Audio. It's a good option at $60ish that you won't feel bad about upgrading from down the road. I'm using the USB and optical inputs, and I enjoy the little switch on front. It's feeding my FX Audio 1002 amp (FX Audio Stack) but I can't recommend the 1002 because of the low volume channel imbalance. Currently looking for a different amp.
Jan 25, 2018
I failed to mention that I own the D 3020 and use it in my desktop system. It's a fun amp, and although it is a class D hybrid, it has a low noise floor, and decent headphone amp as well if you're not using power hungry headphones.
Another amp option is the Vista Spark: I haven't heard this one, but it is Class A/B and seems to be getting high praise.
I have a friend that picked up the SA-50... it's a "good for the price" D Amp but comes with the high noise floor inherent to most D amps (a couple of noticeable but very expensive exceptions). The NAD option is a solid choice by most accounts but I've not personally heard it. I like separate components so I can swap any aspect of the chain without altering other parts of the signal chain.
Jan 25, 2018
The Pioneer SP-BS-22-LR are Andrew Jones designed and are an excellent value for the money.
I don't know much about the SMSL SA50, but if you can stretch your budget the NAD D 3020 is an amazing little amp.
NAD just announced a replacement to the D 3020 so may be able to pick one up on the used market, or clearance from a retailer.
It has multiple line level and digital inputs. You can use it with the red rolls preamp to connect to the MMF 2.2.
Darko actually paired the Pioneers w/ the D 3020 for a budget system recommendation.