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Help! Best "gaming" headphones for under 250 USD

Hi! I've been looking to get myself a nice pair of headphones to pair with a modmic 5.0 and stray away from the whole gaming headset market since there's just all the disadvantages and no advantages.
So with that said, I've been looking into the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's 80 ohm version and other headphones like the ATH-M50x, recent massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX and other options. Do you audiophile people have a good recommendation on what i should get for around 250 USD?

Philips shp 9500s on sale @ newegg.com for $50 with a vmoda mic $25
if you wear glasses, I suggest the dt 770 due to having a bigger cups and it doesn't clamp as hard as the m50s from my experience. those are the closed options in my collection at least. I heard the M40x is really good but requires pad swaps. Open cans have is a large selection for under 250$. I usually use my dt 990 or 6xx
I suggest looking at this guys recommendation. He gives a lot of options. https://www.reddit.com/r/Zeos/comments/66x9c0/guide_headphones_gaming/
Can't go wrong with the fidelio x2 headphones for gaming great bass great soundstage I use mine with modmic 4 pretty much perfect for me. I would suggest an amp or use a receiver headphone output just because it makes a difference from your standard headphone out from laptop or controller.
The DT 770s are a great music phone, but not the greatest gaming set of cans. If you want the best positional audio, you're typically better off going with an Open-backed headphone as they generally have a much better soundstage, although the DT 770 has a good soundstage for a closed back. Something like the ATH-AD700x is supposed to have a really great soundstage, but is a bit lacking on the bass. The AKG-7XX here on Massdrop is also supposed to have a pretty wide soundstage. Then there's always the classic suggestion of the Sennheiser HD 598s if you just want a balanced all-around headphone. If you go into something like the HD 6XX or AKG-7XX you're going to have to start investing in an Amp[and maybe a DAC] to really get the full potential of the headphones, which adds a fair bit of cost.
I think people could offer better suggestions than me if you could say what you're willing to do on Open vs Closed and if you plan to buy an Amp[and maybe DAC] on top of the headphones.
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Unless you're listening quite loud, I've not really heard of people having issues with open backed headphones and using the ModMic. Sound leakage could happen, but it's unlikely to bleed through to your mic unless you have it very loud, or if it does it should be pretty faint.
The HD 6XX drop just ended, so it's likely to be a few months before it drops again. Do you have a preferred sound signature or genre of music you'll be listening to when not gaming? Do you really like instrumentation of songs, the vocals, the sweet thumpy mid-bass, that deep rumble of electronic sub-bass, and have a preference over what shines just a little more over the rest?
The DT 990 is a good headphone, bright in the treble, slightly V-shaped, decent mid-bass boost, but starts to roll off into the sub-bass just a little. It would be a decent choice if that's what you want. If you want something with a bit more thump in the bass to it, the Fidelio X2 Azamonde suggested is good. If you want something with a similar sound signature to the HD 6XX, the HD 500 series will have the same... type of sound, if perhaps not the clarity, and they will all sound just a little different. The 598 is a popular pick. You may be able to find some used HD 600s or [or even HD 650s] around that price range which will be a little more neutral than the 650, slightly less of a bass boost, and little brighter treble. Or alternatively buy a 6XX off someone on /r/AVexchange. I've seen them pass by there for around 180-200 shipped sometimes. The AKG-7XX off massdrop is definitely an option if you've got a Schiit stack, it's not as popular as many others but still a good set of cans if you have the power to run them properly, the 62Ohm resistance misleads many people about the difficulty to drive those properly.
And if you want to stick with closed backs, the DT 770s are a well liked closed back, although some find the treble a little sharp or the mids a bit lacking because of the "V-shape" of boosted bass and treble with recessed mids. Many people like the ATH-M40x and M50x, some like one over the other, hard to suggest which one.
I've just now ordered the Fidelio X2HR's! Thanks for all the tips :)