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Amp for DT 990 600 Ohms?

Can you guys recommand me a good amp for DT990 600 Ohm version, 150$ max?

Topping A30 can drive them fine. They show up periodically on here. Magni 3 is a bit better for a bit more money. The A30 will be marginally warmer (probably not audibly so) than the magni 3, on account of the higher output impedance.
The thing with the DT990 is that it's a pretty bright headphone (beyer spike in full effect), and the 600Ohm version is not going to get all that much warmer even with high output impedance amps (say, 120Ohms). So just buy what looks nice and has enough voltage output.
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There isn't much practical influence on the frequency front as one rarely encounters noise/sound isolated to a certain frequency band but in general 1-5kHz is the region in which our ears are the most sensitive. ANY frequency played loud enough and long enough will damage hearing. A general rule of thumb would be to speak normally while playing your music... if you can still hear yourself then you are typically in the safe range for a "standard " listening session. If you listen for 4+ hours a day I would take it even lower.
Well it dependse if you have closed or open headphones. I'm pretty sure the volume of your own speaking would vary between headphones.
Schiit magni 3
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I've just watched a review by Z reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHOG0MOcwTU
Not a "real" tube amp :s
I wasn’t to sure about the vali