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Looking for IEMs

I'm new to the audiophile space and am looking for a pair of IEMs to replace my old $20 earbuds, I'm looking in the $60-$80 range. I guess my sound signature preference would be described as a more warm sound with tight, punchy bass, but not overwhelming. Right now I'm looking at the Monoprice MP80s, the Massdrop x NuForce EDC, and the TFZ Exclusive 5s. What would you say is the best out of these, or do you have another suggestion? Thanks.

I've been using my Shure SE 215's for a few years. They're the best cans I own right now.
For a budget IEM I'm a huge fan of the HiFiman RE-400. These currently dropped in price and are on Amazon for $50. They're very neutral, revealing, and offer a great reference/studio quality sound. They are not base heavy, but with a good seal in the ear base is nicely controlled and present enough to balance the mids and highs. There are options for an iPhone mic/control (RE-400i) and Android (RE-400a). The standard RE-400 has no in-line mic/control.
I have a pair I've been rocking almost daily for two years. Can't recommend them enough.
Ok thanks, I'll keep these in mind. I just think I'm looking for earphones that have the cable that goes over your ear because I find that I have a tendency to get the cable caught when moving around and the earphones getting pulled out of my ear.
No problem.
I’ll also say you can wear the RE-400s either way. I only wear mine with cable going over my ear.

I, just like you, am pretty new to the Audiophile Community, but am currently using the Massdrop x NuForce IEMS. They fit and sound great, and they're the best earbuds I've had so far..
Now, I'm looking for my next set of IEMs, and am quickly realizing I'm few steps down the path for finding better and better sounding/fitting earbuds. And thinking bluetooth would be pretty cool too.
All in all, I think based on where you're at and what you want to spend the MD x NuForces are great.
OK, thank you. I think I'm down to deciding between those and the monoprice, going to have to do some more research and see if the extra $20 is justified.