I'm new to the audiophile community, would love some help! I'm a pc gamer who will be plugging this into my pc, what do I need to know and what is required? or is it plug and play to a pc easily? Headphones = HD6XX E.G Will I need to buy an XLR cable? or an extra item? Do I *require* a dac this instant? or can I wait a little after getting the amp What else is recommended to add to my audio setup? What dacs are recommended to pair with this amp?

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May 1, 2021
check out the khadas tone 1
Apr 14, 2020
Using this amp alone with your computer would not be a waste. Although a motherboard builtin DAC is not ideal, this amp is significantly better than your motherboard's. You just need a 3.5mm audio jack to RCA cable/adapter. The only inputs are RCA and XLR, and you wouldn't have XLR outs on your motherboard. Plug and Play technology doesn't even come in to play here since amps only take analog in. You can definitely wait to get a DAC. An amp will be by far the bigger improvement, so I'd recommend getting this first. Topping makes great, affordable, feature-packed DACs, you can make that your second purchase. Any good external DAC $50+ or a good soundcard like the Creative AE-5 will get you 99% of the way there. I bought a Topping D50s for that last 1%. Of a good gaming system I'd consider good headphones 60%, the amp 30%, and a good DAC 10%. For reference: I own this Amp and mostly use it with Beyerdynamic 990 600ohm. I use it secondarily with Beyer 880's and Grado 325is. My current DAC is the Pico Upsampling DAC, but I have an order in for the Topping D50s to ship later this month.
Apr 1, 2020
You can directly send audio from your PC to the amp using the computers built in DAC but it would be a waste. OK to run until you get a good DAC though, nothing wrong with that. It will easily drive your headphones. As for a DAC, I would choose a balanced model. Topping was my personal choice, the Dx7s gets great reviews and measurements at a great price. I have it connected via xlr interconnects, balanced. The interconnects were also a massdrop offering being just inches long, perfect fit. A popular YouTube reviewer has this same set up.