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EDC tool with rechargeable LED?

The Sanrenmu 6050 is my favorite EDC tool. It has: a 8Cr14Mov stainless steel blade, rope cutter, hex wrench, cross driver, glass breaker, and LED light. The blade and rope cutter/hex tool have a frame lock to secure them in place.
The problem for me is that the LED is not very bright nor is it rechargeable. So I have resolved to attaching a NiteCore keychain light to it.
The tool has a carabiner, so no pocket clip either. For this I made an improvised pocket clip from a heavy duty paper clip, which mostly works (not hardened steel, so it loses tension).
Does anyone know of EDC tool, like the SRM 6050, with a rechargeable LED?
Alternatively, is there any possibility for some Massdrop collaborative magic?




I have 2 of those nitecore keychain torches. I love them. Had them for years -for those who don't know they are bright, and charge via micro usb @@
Check out the Nitecore Tip. It's the newer more powerful (370 lumen vs 45 lumen) version of the Nitecore Tube (seen in this guys pic)