Jan 29, 201862 views

Forward-clicky Lumintop Tool?

I have noticed that Lumintop has done several Drops, and I particularly like the look of their Copper AAA Tool.
That being said, the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet is the type of tail switch they use; they are all reverse clickies!
For those who don’t know, “reverse clickies” activate the light when you release the button after pressing it all the way down.
”Forward clickies” activate as you press down, and will deactivate the light if you release the button before clicking it all the way down. This “momentary on” feature is very useful and intuitive to me.
If anyone is interested in finding out whether Lumintop would be willing to make a forward-clicky flashlight, I will see if I can figure out how to start a poll for it.

Hi Agree! Dispace all back clicky buttons. They should be banned!
Hey AccuNut
Though I would rather like to see a forward clicky on the Tool AA, I im still interested in a AAA with forward clicky.