Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset - Review

After reading and watching reviews on various headphones and top 10 lists for headphone/headsets, I decided that the Sennheiser G4ME One was the headset I was going to buy. At that time I never heard of MassDrop. I was going to wait for a sale on the G4ME One, though I stumbled across this site after I heard about some MassDrop headphones. I went to check out the site and noticed they sold what looks to be an identical headset to the G4ME with some MassDrop branding and no red accents. For $120 I was sold and I didn't really want the red accents of the G4ME One. I saved about $40 for purchasing this headset over the G4ME One and from everything I read it has the same drivers and mic. I even compared the specs of the drivers and they all line up. Sennheiser is one of the great brands that audiophiles swear by and not just a "gaming" company making a "gaming headset".
When I tested it out, my friends noticed the improved clarity of the microphone. I wanted a microphone that had the boom up mute function, so that is the reason I wanted a headset. The microphone was better than expected as I considered my Corsair H21000 mic to be a very decent mic. I listened to some music, tried some "surround sound tests" on youtube, and played some games. The sound overall was better than my existing H21000 headset. The open back showed me what a larger sound stage is and I can't explain, it is just a bigger sound. One downside is that I did notice I could hear my computer's fans when nothing was playing. I wouldn't recommend these headphones for an environment with a lot of loud background noise. Though it is great if you are in your own room and if you want to hear the doorbell ring. One thing that threw me off is when I use most headphones I can hear some noise being generated by the headset, even when no sound is playing. I didn't think it was working properly, until I pulled up youtube. The only thing I really miss about my old Corsair H21000 was that there were no wires to dangle against your shirt and you could leave the room without having to remove the headset. Though when gaming that is quickly forgotten.
In all this is an amazing headset for the $120 price. If you are looking for something around ~$60 the Hyper-X Stinger is the way to go.
Great mic w/ automatic mute when boom is up
Good Sound Quality with larger sound stage via (Open Back
Price @ $120 as of 1/30/18
Sennheiser sound and quality
Not great for loud environments.
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