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Buying a DAC and about CD's

I had some thought for a while about buying a DAC for the first time ever, since I don't really know anything about them I don't know that to buy.
Planning to invest at least 75$-100$ on that, all music files are mp3 320 kbps, I ripped them all from my cd's collection so I can get my music on flac format, I will probably will using the DAC from my computer.
About the CD's is it still worth buying CD's on regular version?
not planning to buy SCAD or any special CD format of music since they are very expensive from the regular CD's I buy from time to time.

I have Herman Kardon Sound stick 3
Sennheiser Urbinte headphones

Are you looking for JUST a DAC, or a DAC/Amp? If you're buying an external DAC, you're going to be wanting an Amp as well. At your price range however, I do suggest a DAC/Amp combo.
Second question: Why do you want a DAC? Are you getting interference buzzing or hissing from the device you're using without one?
Third question: Portable or Desktop?
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Ear damage also depend on how long you are being exposed to a loud sound but not wise to check it. I need to find a good ear plugs for concert I go to listen.
Yeah, but if the sound is clearly painfully loud, you know you're going to be doing damage to your eardrums if you keep listening. The same common sense will keep you from damaging your headphones.
I think one of the best $100 DAC/Amps out there is the Audioquest Dragonfly Black. It does MQA rendering if you ever want to purchase or stream MQA files, but even for redbook CD quality FLAC files it is a superb performer.
It can plug straight into your computer's USB A port, but also has the ability to connect to an iPhone or Android phone via adapters.
I still purchase redbook CDs from time to time. That's definitely a great way to get music on the cheap if you're buying used. Often times I'll purchase a used CD to rip to FLAC, and the cost ends up being much less expensive than buying the FLAC version online.
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I think it's worth buying if its functionality works for you. Definitely recommend reading reviews to make sure the Dragonfly Black is something you want to buy. The Dragonfly Black seems to be available through a lot of retailers.
MQA is a newer type of file that contains high res quality in a smaller file size. I won't be good at describing the technical portions of the format, but you need specific renderers or decoders to get the full unfolding of the MQA process. If you were to listed to Master quality albums from Tidal HiFi the Dragonfly Black can handle a portion of the unfolding process. Just a nice bonus to this budget DAC.
okay, thanks