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Pen Pals for a Classroom Needed :)

Pen Pals ??? I have seen some people post on different sites that they want ideas for more excuses to use their fountain pens. Also, some who joined/participate in pen pals groups say they don’t get replies. SO - I would like to offer this up to anyone who wants an excuse to use their pens or to maybe give some students a chance to use their fountain pens and practice their writing skills. Maybe some of you might like to participate - This is a friend’s class of high school aged students in a Transition Program. The program teaches students how to live independently, work skills And academic skills. Part of their week is spent in a house to work on cooking, cleaning, banking, community resources etc.. Part of their week is spent On the Job - Businesses in the community work with them to teach work skills. Part of their week is in the classroom to work on academic needs. Some of the students, but not all, are special needs students. They have all expressed an interest in having Pen Pals. Letter exchanges would be mailed to and coordinated with the school. Please consider this :). Thank You !
OH - It is a very small rural area school for special needs students - http://cgresd.net
If you’d like to go check out the school and their program :)



@MBeale @kberges @mmsandiego email me at jgrimes1@charter.net I can give you the information :)
@kberges @MBeale @mmsandiego - You checkout the facebook group Fountain Pen Friends (FPF). It is posted there and it’s a great group of people who enjoy writing letters :) They welcome new member who are looking for pen pals from all over the world :)
I would love to be a pen pall! How do I get involved?
I'd love to be involved with this how do I find out more?
This sounds like a wonderful program. How do I find out more?