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There is a very interesting face book group that uses an auction/raffle type means of buying and selling fountain pens, inks, paper and another EDC writing supplies.
There are 2 ways to sell/buy New, Handcrafted or Used pen related items-
1. You can sell and buy items outright between you and another member. The face book administrator is not involved with the money transactions.
2. You can ”auction” your items at whatever price you decide. I’ll try to explain it the best I can. But you can join the group and ask the administrator for further clarification.
You decide the price of your item, next you decide on how many people or “spots” you want to open for people to buy and how much each spot will cost.
You can decide on and post an end date for the auction if all spots aren’t taken Or you can choose to leave it up until all spots are sold.
Once ALL the spots are sold, those people Pay You directly and then a random number is drawn to determine the winner of the item.
For example : if you want 150.00 for your item. You decide to have 10 spots at 15.00 = 150.00 You get for your pen. ( you can decide on 12 spots = 180.00 )
*Optional - You can ”give’ one spot to the page admin, in which case they would not pay you for that spot but would win the item if that number was chosen.
Again, you can post how long you will leave the auction up, if all spots aren’t auctioned off , end of auction, you keep your item. No one pays you for ther spot(s)
Easy Enough -
You post the description and photos of the item, list the #of spots and each spot amount.
People can buy one or more spots (but not all ) . So if they buy 3 spots @ 15 dollars they would pay you 45.00. ALL payments must be made by everyone BEFORE the random number is picked. So, no risk of you not getting your money.
If you visit the face book page you can see some current auctions listed to see how it is done.
I think it is a wonderful way to have a chance on getting something you might like to have at a much better price -


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