New HiFiMan Drop Ideas Thread

I believe the Massdrop HE-4XX was a very successful drop (and Kudos for it coming early!).
Should Massdrop be looking into another drop with them - perhaps a little higher up the product line?
The 4XX was essentially 47% less expensive than the MSRP of the HE-400 ($169 vs $299). If that's the case and perhaps Massdrop can work something out to bring a unique version of the Sundara, 560 or the HE-6 to us for a similar discount - would it be worth it?

Rounding down a touch:
Supposed Massdrop : XX-Sundara = approx $300
Supposed Massdrop : HE-56X = Approx $540
Supposed Massdrop : HE-6 = Approx $780

This all assumes that the actual parts do cost that much and they're not marked up higher due to being more of a "Flagship" status.


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