Headphone/IEM Testing Playlist

In the absence of a test rig (which I really wouldn’t want anyhow), I’d like to compile a playlist of tunes that put headphones or IEMs through their paces. What I do now is search Tidal and listen for a while with no clear aim or purpose. I figure 3-6 recordings that are done so well that I won’t mind listening to over and over would be perfect to more objectively judge and compare devices.
Just name 1-3 recordings that you listen to when you test new headphones or IEMs and also what particular attributes you listen for on the track e.g. nuanced vocals, cymbals that sound like cymbals, bass thump etc.
I’m sure that with enough input, people would be able to customize really cool playlists that reflect their own musical taste and be able to A-B test headphones and IEMs .
If this has been done here before, forgive me. If it’s been done elsewhere, please provide a link.
What about DAC, amplifier or speaker playlists? Would the playlists for these be different than for headphones/IEMs?
Thanks in advance for your input!!


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