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Portable on ear headphones

What would you recommend for a pair of portable on-ear headphone?
Preferably wireless or at least cables that come out of one side, also hopefully it would be comfortable.
I have a budget of $100.
I'll mainly be using for commute or walking around, just want some recommendation on what to buy.

ATH M40X will likely suit you, it's got both a short coiled and longer straight cable. Sound wise it's fairly balanced with a funner sound, touch of bass emphasis but it's well done.
I will say the Mass Drop E-MU Purple Heart is more balanced over all but dual entry cable so...
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hahah yeh bluetooth have gone some way now, everyone just disregard it when they hear wireless and on ear :(. but good luck on ur write-up man.
Hi Robox, with $100 Budget you might want to check out JBL E45BT. If you are able to spend more, below are some very good wireless on ear models.
AKG N60NC AKG N60NC Wireless ( I'm using this) B&O H8 B&W P3 AKG Y50BT Beats Solo 3 Sony ZX330BT Sony XB650BT