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BIG Switch, BIG Cap/Case!?

Hey guys,
Idea23 and Novel Keys recently collabed together on a few awesome components for the latest launch of NK's BIG Switch. Personally I think it's super awesome and I am working with both parties closely on bringing on the products on our site. Below are a few teasers :p Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!




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I have big switch and also the big cape case. but this is possible to maintain all these in a right way for this lovely solution and I am also use the colorful switches. https://lenovosupport.net/
I would like to see a socket for wallmounting the switch (150% depth) and a more flat cap, so it will look a bit like a normal lightswitch.
We need keyswitch/cap height-adjustable chairs.
This would be cool in like a number thing. But way costly
Wut ham eye lukng aht¿
Gonna need one with a big red PANIC cap and black base because reasons
Will the cases drop later? Also in the second pic there's a hot pink cap, any chance that will become available ever?
Yes, we'd like to. Still working on some minor details on the case. Idea23 wants to perfect the finishes some more before we roll this out. :) Stay tuned.
It's about time. Hagrid was getting impatient.
banana for scale please :D
Really want the case
Drop is going live this upcoming Monday @ 6:00am PT! :D https://www.massdrop.com/buy/idea23-x-novelkeys-big-switch-keycaps
Need a banana for scale...
Honestly I use only small form factor keyboards for pc, but finally I have to make a big keyboard to match for my really big TV display. Of course I have to buy a big TV before that. Don't worry, I will definitely buy them, as a humble keyboard enthusiast I got some money to buy keyboard stuff not to buy a TV.
Ohh yea, now it's time to stock some pro-micros to make those switches work!
Wow!!! I love it!!!
I'm going to attach one to the roof of my car and play police.
Maybe two. Red and blue. :D
Dude, how are you doing?
Yes! I’m so glad to see this posted. :)
Laser GMK color matching? @idea23 has the samples!
Yes please! Also eventually an SA Pulse in r1 profile, XDA Canvas profiles in the Bauhaus colors (Both the alphas and icon versions)..... 😉
wait its a switch + the keycap + the base?? if so I be in for one assuming the price is reasonable lets say around 70-80bucks that make a insanely cool lamp
the caps also glow in the dark, would make a v. cool lamp
Looks like a good start!
If you can make a GMK Laser themed one I'm in.
I want it.
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Definitely possible, but baby steps :)
Cool cool. Thank you! I'm pumped.