Aug 3, 2016115 views

50$ Earbuds and 70$ Headphones or 120$ Headphones?

I was looking at the AKG 553 headphones and I was about to buy them but I knew I would be taking them on the go from time to time and that long none removable cable isn't won't be very practical. I could buy earbuds but need to have to have some over ear headphones. Should I wait for some 70-ish headphones to appear on Massdrop or should I buy something Like the 553s?

Mod the k553 to be portable It's very easy to make it a detachable one..
It really depends on your requirements. I think a pair of Senn HD518's and a pair of high value earbuds would typically provide more versatility than a pair of the K553's but that highly depends on what you use them for.