Feb 16, 2018

Best YouTube channel

Just curious if there are favorite YouTube channels to subscribe to for photography newbies. I just got myself a Nikon D3400 and don’t even know where to begin. Photography basics? Camera basics? I’d love input!

I am new to the picture taking thing too. My buddy Ryan from Ryn Photography shot this video the utter day, and I am still cracking up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEdBiVGds74
Most anything on the Adorama Learning Channel. When I first started Mark Wallace was my guy and as I grew Mark still had more advanced videos to follow and then I started watching Gavin Hoey and later (more advanced stuff) Daniel Norton. Their vids are full of easy to learn, plus easy to understand explanations. This is top notch, advice from professionals who know their stuff. My goto channel EVERY TIME!
Thank you so much! Definitely will be checking them out.
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That's what I watch