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What’s your EDC Notebook & Cover?


Show us what you write in everyday!
Currently, I am carrying an A5 Rhodia Rhodiarama Webnotebook in Sapphire, inside of an Allegory Webnotebook Leather Cover, in Charcoal. I have had this Notebook Cover for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it. Pen is a Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl Ballpoint. Pen case is Franklin-Christoph Napa Leather 2-Pen Case.
There is little wear on the stitching and virtually no wear or stretching around the snap button tab and counterpart on the cover. I would think after pulling and tugging on this button closure the leather would have some sort of stretching or obligation around the punched hole for the button, but there is nothing, looks like it did on its first day. I love how it has softened over time and developed it own character from my daily travels with it.
What are you writing in or what are you looking to pick up?


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I lug around 2... I have a Manufactus Laccio notebook cover, and a Rhodia A5 with the quiver pen holder. My fountain pens are both well-used Watermans. I only use medium nibs.
Since I constantly use composition notebooks for work, i decided to go with a Rustico large leather cover. Chose the ocean blue option, which over time is looking better and better. Composition notebook paper isn't the greatest quality when using it with my waterman hemisphere but i don't lose sleep over it.
I carry two. One is in my PocKit Pro from YellowBirch Outfitters with a Word Notebook, and the other is in my Kokuyo Systemic Notebook Cover, the Kokuyo Edge Title Twin Ring Notebook.

I have the Kokuyo too... among many others :/ The PocKit is neat, first I hear of it.
I like things that help to organize my pocket carry, and make it even possible. The things in that PocKit, I couldn't reasonably carry loose and expect them not to get damaged. I originally had an urban organizer hybrid (https://urbanedcsupply.com/products/urban-organizer-hybrid) but it was getting beat up in my pocket. I have realized that not only is this one more durable for pocket carry, but also carries more, being cordura instead of leather. I really like it!
This has got me stumped. I prefer carrying a smaller notebook and haven't looked deeply into the pen sheath. I think a slip would work best for me rather than a case. I carry in coat pockets, etc. .That said, the Rhodia Webnotepad looks like it might fit the bill. My journal I leave on the desk. Haven't found the perfect carry fountain pen, I love my TWSBI 580 and Conklin Duraflex -- even the Jinhao x450. But to stick in my pocket, it's usually the Kwaeco sport.
I haven't ventured into grail pen territory yet. To much to think about. I've always had a hankering for a Pelikan though. Tough to choose over the internet as I'd like to be able to pick up the pens, but the only pen store we had in town closed two years ago, and my local (Goulet) is on-line only!
I use an A6-sized notebook that I made. I make the "travelers notebook" style books out of genuine leather in various colors with embossed designs on them. The one I carry is rose gold, one of my favorite colors. Currently I'm carrying with it my Pelikan Aquamarine M205 fountain pen. I upgraded the nib to a 14K M405 nib and had it reground to a stub. I like the A6 size; it's small enough to carry in my purse, yet not so small that it's difficult to write in.
I have a Manufactus “No Bag” (courtesy of Massdrop) covering a Leuchtturm A5. My current favorite pen was a recent Kickstarter: Namisu
I'm writing with a TWSBI 580 that I keep in a Franklin-Christoph pen case and I have a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 notebook that I'm using for my daily journal. The cover is a custom vegetable tanned leather that is hand carved and stamped. Here's a picture of my setup.
I just recently purchased an Allegory cover like Dave's, but in a lighter shade of brown (almost tan). It's lovely, nicely made and I paid a little extra to have my name embossed on the cover, which looks good but is still understated. Like me.
I've got two daily drivers: Unidentified Sheaffer that I got as a high-school graduation present. As you can see it's quite well worn, the plating is also starting to flake off of the cap as well. Platinum 3776 Century with Ultra Extra Fine nib. I like this one as the tip is super duper small and doesn't muddy up my naturally small handwriting. It is a bit harder to write anything that doesn't resemble heiroglyphics or chicken scratch with how fine the nib is... practice makes perfect.
The notebook is a Rhodia Webnotepad, I love the tear bar; I can write shopping lists, reminders, notes to people sitting next to me, etc. The case is the same as Dave's (Franklin-Christoph Napa Leather 2-Pen Case), it's a nice one!