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How about Women's Style?

Hi! I love Massdrop. I hope there'll be a community for Women's Style, cosmetics, and other female lifestyle -related communities in the future :)
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Should have more items for women! Also many boomers and younger are out RVing. You need to address that plus more on boating and fishing. I’d get more people to follow and buy!
Agree! Not only for ladies, but also for the guys to gift to the ladies ^^
I agree there should be a community for women style.
If Massdrop won't include women clothing/accessory options, is there a site somewhere that does I can move to? Anyone know any alternatives? I like the concept.
Cosmetics would be a gold mine. So long as the women buy well enough ahead of time given the long lead times of MD.
Women’s shoes would also be very successful as most women are familiar with the brands and their sizing. Would be convenient for me to buy gifts as well. Purses/bags. Women’s crap can be insanely expensive on their respective “blokes” lol. I am all for this. silly that people are begging for MD to take their money lol.
Female fashion is insanely common and alredy cheap as chips. Bloke fashion is much rarer and niche.
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Ya know, I was just going to wander over to fabletics and ask why they don't have mens' workout gear.
yeah, however in hindsight it makes sense of massdrop to doboth genders if there is a market, money and all that, cannot judge them for making a good business choice.
How about renaming "mens style" to "style"
I only opened this cause i saw mens style xD due to all other well most other sites are target to women.
I see no need for a female section. The net in inundated with female fashion.
there is a mens style so I see no reason for women to not have one. My only suggestion is that mass drop not assume that a significant other wants to join the mailing list just because they popped in the site to by a gift. Nothing makes me more angry then when Anthropology decides I want their catalog mailed to me because I followed a link from my wife. What part of surprise gift do they not understand.
Hey there. Great suggestion and thanks for posting. As @Skullbunny mentioned we do occasionally have drops with either unisex or female options available in Men's Style and Ultralight, but we're all about community first and are always thinking about expanding our current communities. If there's enough interest we'll always do our best to make it happen.
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that makes no sense. clothes are fitted to male or female form. i wear slim fit suits and a female suit would look moronic on almost any male, and a male suit would be unwearable for almost all females in the chest department. inclusiveness and all the feelings aside, its a distinction made on the very real and inescapable fact that male and female bodies are fundamentally different when you try and wrap them in cloth, the dimensions are often very different if its not baggy or loose. if a pair of jeans, a shirt etc... is not labeled as one of the other its a definite no buy for me, and most people with sense, i like to be able to wear the clothes i buy.
I think both men snd women would be more annoyed by this then anything. I already have to sift through a massive smount of emails of styles and brands I don’t care for. combining men’s and women’s style would create too large of a category for any of us to want to deal with. The emails would just start going to junk folder to be honest.
Sometimes there's Uni-sex and Women products featured on Men's Style.
I generally believe tagging it with a specific gender is the wrong approach. I bet there's enough women who can fit in Men's clothes and the other way around. Its matter of choice. Same with care and beauty product. I think we're past the "OH THIS IS FOR MEN/WOMEN :D!"
But yeah , least they could do is widen the market. Tho maybe its harder to find enthusiastic high quality products to feature there? I wouldn't know.
I guess I'll subscribe to Men's Style then