Proper shipping to Europe (And no i don't mean just the UK)
I have been a member for a few years now, and the only thing i have ever bought was a mouse pad. There has been a lot of drops i've wanted to be part of. The killer for most of the time was the shipping cost. Some of the times the item is just too expensive. Not in that i don't have money for it, but because of tax laws in EU. Almost everything i have seen is sent from the US. If there would ever come a time where there would be a european warehouse, i myself, and probably many other europeans, would purchase way more on the site.
thumb_upOwl Bastard, pRoDeeD, and 2 others

Feb 20, 2018
I had that idea long time ago, but I've given up since. At first this site seemed like a good place to shop, but nowadays everything is overpriced. They regularly sell products for higher price than usual and blatantly lie about the MSRP. Amazon has much better deals, even when there's no discount. And then add all the inconvenience of waiting half a year for your goods... instead of getting them on the same week from Amazon. For the same or better price.
Feb 20, 2018