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this or a schiit stack


Feb 25, 2018
Plays Melophobia by Emmet Otter's Jug Band,, real nice like... still fighting it eh?
Feb 24, 2018
Buy the schiit stack for sure! The stack is a really good headphone dac and out, the receiver is terrible everything. Down the road buy a emotiva power amp or a used HT receiver for ~50$.
This is a cheap receiver... just fine if you want to drive some entry level speakers for surround purposes . Can a knife open a can of beans?... yes... is it the best tool for the job... eh... hell no. Can a receiver power headphones.. yes... is it the best tool for the job... again... hell no!
Feb 21, 2018
No. Home A/V is quite different than a dedicated headphone amp/dac. Your receiver is made to be as general as possible and to work best with loudspeakers. A Schiit stack or equivalent is made to pair to your headphones characteristics and bring the best out of them. I have a Yamaha receiver and while my headphone do work just OK with them, they're on an entirely different level when paired with my iFi amp/dac. Really, there isn't a comparison. Unless you're looking at some of the old school stereo receivers that have tubes, you're better off with a dedicated amp/dac made for headphones.
Feb 23, 2018
No, EQing won't fix impedance mismatch issues. Nothing can except a new rig. What you are saying about it having more features is absolutely correct. It does have more features. The problem is that in the design world every feature you add comes at a cost to something else. Furthermore, as I already stated, the headphone out on most receivers (especially true on cheap ones) is an afterthought rather than a real design goal. Key word there most. You may well be lucky and have found the 1 receiver that has decent output on its headphone jack and you will have all sorts of fun features to go along with it. Good luck with that. Bottom line, those of us who are concerned with sound quality first, features/gimmicks second, are all telling you to go with equipment designed to do the 1 thing you want it to: drive headphones well. Take it or leave it, but quit arguing when we make that point. Just build the system you want.
Feb 25, 2018
I want to jump in here and recommend the PS audio sprout. It seems to be a happy medium for desktop to small room speakers and it drives my thx-00 just as well as my 02 dac/amp. (Which is sort of my baseline for headphones) Also has a built in phone stage and blue tooth if either of those float your boat.
Only issue I have with mine is the analog input has a hum if you've got multiple inputs on it :(
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