What's the right way to not write?

Pens and markers of all kinds often denote their color with a matching cap. If stood upright with other pens and markers in a cup or jar, which end should face up? The colored cap?
Or is it good to let the ink drain down to the point so it's readily available for writing?
Or should point be positioned upright so as to prevent ink from saturating the intricacies of the writing tool?
Or does any of that even happen anyway?
What about laying a pen on its side? Err... wait - it depends on the type of pen, doesn't it?
In what position do you store various types of pens? Why? O_o

Mar 15, 2018
Depends to some portion of the pen I would say. Some pens you might get frustrated with because the take a time to start up, others are just ready to go. Personally I store my pens with the tip facing up when they are inked. Hey, Brian G and many others told us so ;) No but seriously, some pens, like the TWSBI demonstrator looks crappy if ink gets in the cap and it gets a mess with the pens that do flow freely. Having pencils lying down would most likely me 'more' safe and since there are plenty of pen stands that stores the pen lying down vertically - my answer is the same - check with each pen. For the pen you use every now and then and daily - might not be a problem but for me, I carry some pens to work in my backpack and having a somewhat mobile office. Having to start my day by dealing with ink stains isn't one start I need, so I might be overly careful.
Mar 15, 2018
For most pens it doesn't really matter. Most pens depend on either capillary action or pressure and gravity has an insignificant effect.... as long as you use the pen enough. Leave a pen in disuse long enough and it will dry out no matter how you store it. This generally applies to fountain pens too. Though the time frames are shorter. Storing a fountain pen nib up is fine. Nib down may give you an extra day before it clogs up, but that's debatable. You should never store a fountain pen with shimmering inks nib down. Never. Also storing or carrying a fountain pen nib down increases the risk of leaks, especially if the pen suffers from creep.