Feb 23, 201858 views

Dear Massdrop: When you moved the "Description | Discussion" tab, you removed functionality.

Recently the tab labeled "Description | Discussion" was moved from the right side of a product page to the left. This removed center-click (mouse wheel press) new tab functionality.
Before this change, you could be in the middle of writing a post in the Discussion section and center-click the Description tab. This would conveniently open the product description in one tab so you could reference the text and images, while leaving the Discussion page - as well as your typed text - unchanged. Moreover, you cannot sidestep the center click removal with Right Click > Open in New Tab, either. >:\
Now, if I am typing in the Discussion section and want to see the Description, I have to copy-paste the URL into a new tab. This is an annoying step backward in modern user experience, and I'm sure we'd all be grateful if you would update your code to restore the previous functionality. Leave the sections on the left if you like - that's fine - but please do fix this oversight.
Thank you.

This should be fixed now.
We'll look into this.