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[GMK] Darth Vader Keycap Set

Hello, everybody.

I thought I wanted to talk to Star Wars today.
I'm not a big fan of Star Wars, but I'm a big fan of Darth Vader.

I was wondering what Star Wars was on the keyboard.
I checked that there was no other Star Wars theme except for the Storm Trooper keycap set.
(There is also the SA Master Yoda Custom Keycap Set in ic.)

So I designed a keycap set with a theme of Darth Vader.

But I think that if my design is just getting started, and telling a story about your Star Wars, I can get a lot of good inspiration from it.

Thanks to everyone.

Goldworms from South Korea.

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Just a heads up for anyone interested in this colorway, there was previously a GB for a set using it at https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=94796.0 but after that failed I've taken on the project at https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=95923.0
I did not put the commodity introduction and sales purpose in starting this project. I wanted to try various things while being troubled with community users and receiving various ideas.
I'm quite new to the mechanical keyboard community, so I'm still learning about mk's each day. How exactly do you design these keycaps? I can't tell if the image (with the helmet) is a render or an actual photo. The close-up image that you posted in the comments looks quite real, so I'm assuming that you actually manufactured these keycaps. Can you explain to me how?
Hello. All the photos I uploaded arerender. If you have a passion for something, you will try your best to do it The result is an uploaded render.
is this project still alive?
Keep alive. I did not approach this as a commodity, but started writing with the thought that I would like to complete the keycap set by exchanging opinions with the community users. It was my fault that I received many ideas because of my personal affairs but failed to cope properly.
It's like SA Ninja, but in GMK. I dig the idea. (Not so much the Star Wars connection, but the general stealthy idea.)
Cool stuff, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news: You'll not be able to have this produced and sold in the western world without a license agreement with Disney/Lucasfilm
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You'll be hard pressed to find someone willing to "risk it" with Disney.
The Malevolent Mouse will have his due.
I know well. How Disney manages licenses.
I joke and say this. "When I was trapped on a desert island, I looked at Mickey Mouse face and I designed it!" I mean, it comes from Disney.
I will listen to various opinions, not to make them as they are, to organize them and to incorporate them into design. This is what I'm saying with one theme. What I say is not the right answer.
Thanks for the good feedback.
I tried novelty design.
Death Star Galactic Empire Emblem Darth Vader Helmet
if only the design is a bit clearer it could be more cooler
Grey on black? Looks classy. Maybe throw in a couple colored keys in a different kit (possibly with novelties) to represent his chest plate? Just a thought.
I want to do it with everyone, not just my own design. Thanks for the good feedback. ;)
Yeah, a few red (enter), blue (backspace), silver (left shift) and red translucent (esc) keys like the latest laser would be pretty rad, or some nice novelties light sabers, death star like moon, perhaps a han solo gun spinning through the air (1.25U R4) hand grabbing it using the force (1.25 R4) so I put could one on either side of my space bar, space bar with bespin on it...