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Benchmade Knives?

Does anybody know why there has not been any drops for Benchmade knives (at least not any recently)? I see polls on them constantly.
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Still, if we could get them to bring back the AXIS lock AFCK, I would be in, even at full MSRP.
Off topic but I finally after a decade disassembled my old mini grip and I'll never buy a BM again. Beautiful knives, great steel, etc. but that omega spring struck me as flimsy. Seems like if I'm going to spend all that money I would want the insides to be robust as well. I heard the newer models have addressed this.
Late reply, but you ought to take them up on their lifetime warranty. From what I understand, it's completely painless: You send them the knife and they rebuild it to work like new, including sharpening, no questions asked. They'll go so far as to replace the blade itself if needed. I haven't used the warranty yet, but I can confirm from working with them on some custom laser-etching that their customer service is fantastic. A big part of what you're paying for with Benchmade knives is that they stand behind their product.
A couple months ago, they had the Benchmade Griptilian. I thought about it, but I decided not to get it. I think it was a decent price, but in line with what we see with the Spyderco drops, that is, without a great discount due to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) set my the manufacturer.
Just because we tell Massdrop we want a product doesn't mean they can get it. Sometimes manufacturers aren't interested in working with MD. It's just business.
Pretty sure with Massdrop conducting their business direct with manufacturers, there will be a lot of polls for things we'll never see drops for.
HK Knives are made by Benchmade. They have their folder on here.
I have a nitrous, & it is very similar to the benchmade 890 torrent. im going to try and get more people to request it i want one with a black blade.
Great question. Benchmade has a very strict MAP policy, we've spoken to them at both SHOT and Blade but haven't been able to make much headway in terms of bringing this brand to the site. We will keep trying!
Yup, the only way I've heard of getting around their MAP is offering 'local deals' or a closeout sales. But MAP is pretty important in the knife industry, to keep pricing steady and so larger dealers dont undercut smaller dealers. Basically imagine if Amazon cut the price by 5$; all of these smaller shops that cant match will lose business left and right.
Also, in my opinion, benchmade's MAP doesnt make sense for what they offer. Like, why is a griptillian in 20CV the same as the benchmade 940 in S30V? There doesnt seem to be any fit/finish issues or anything special about the 940. It makes no sense.