Recommend hidden gems here ;-)

Fairly straightforward here,

I just find this enjoyable to listen to and I'm sure many of you have never heard it before ;-)

The introduction to Wolfenstein on the Xbox One. While I can't understand any of the words.... well okay mein haus in neu Berlin, I get that. Anyhow, it is a fun intro to this game of alt. history. In regards to the House of the Rising Sun, my favorite rendition has to be by 5 Finger Death Punch.

An composer not known to many, Murat Malay composed the 1st piece during the Turkish struggle for independence from the Allied Powers. The second, Çanakkale being the Turkish term for Gallipoli, on the infamous battle.

Sticking w/ Turkey for this one.
"Memleketim" by Yonca Lodi is an old Turkish song covering ones love for the nation. She has a sweet voice and it's an interesting listen.

I don't speak any French whatsoever, but she has a beautiful voice and the music video seems well done.

Anyhow, that's what I could come up w/, looking forward to what the rest of you have to add :-)

Mar 1, 2018
My favorite pipe organ piece, Serenade for Organ by Derek Bourgeois. I've heard this live on this sort of pipe organ at our local symphony hall. It's happy, but a little disturbing, in that the time signature is something like 11/8, and then it changes to 13/8.
Bourgeois died recently after having written 116 symphonies, more than Haydn. Few of them were ever performed.
Interview with Guardian publisher Alan Rusbridger after his 44th symphony:
Rusbridger himself spent a year and a half trying to learn Chopin's first Ballade and wrote a book about it (he also was dealing with Wikileaks at the time):

Mar 1, 2018
Very much into vocaloid, but not the very mainstream pop stuff....more of this type by these four producers:


Aura Qualic

Ady S (Probably one of my favorite Vocaloid albums from him...the FLAC download from bandcamp is lovely sound, especially on modded Fostex TH-X00PHs powered by a modded Gustard H10 amp!)
Mar 1, 2018
I am not sure how hidden these gems are, but here are a couple of my favorites.
The Sound of Silence, by Disturbed
That is one I am in love with, I am seriously looking at getting the record for Immortalized (the album it released in) just so I can have it on physical media.
My other gem is Fear Not This Night in Chinese, I can't understand a single word, but I think the vocals complement the instrumentals far better than the English version of the song.

Mar 1, 2018
Mixed thoughts about Disturbed (aside from the transparently-chosen name), I fear that despite his range, he will end up the male equivalent of Adell. However, now that Paul Simon has given up touring, I'm sure he'll enjoy the extra cashflow (even if he's now cringing every time someone asks: "hey, wasn't that...").
Mar 1, 2018
The Sound of Silence cover by Disturbed is dang good. Dude has an incredible vocal range, and not just in that track.
I'm not generally a fan of their music (antics & personality), but that song is totally worth listening to on repeat. I know I have in the past. Probably will again in the future.