Question of what to expect from my stack.

Ok so I have jds labs atom and modi 3 along with hd6xx I plan on ordering soon . Ive actually never had high end headphones. I'm coming from a Logitech g430. So I'm really new, my question is do I need to order any extra cables to be able to connect everything to my desktop or consoles ( don't need a mic just want sound). And also how big of a difference well the sound stage and clarity of the environment be compared to my current headset
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You will definitely need RCA cables (white/red plugs) to go from the DAC out to the amp in. In addition you will need a cable to connect the DAC to your PC or Console. This is most often accomplished via a USB (micro B on the Modi) cable on the PC but the Modi also supports coaxial RCA (often orange plug) and optical cables. This would go from the SPDIF/Digital output of your console or PC if USB isn't an option/preferred. As far as the difference that is wholly dependent on the user, with that stack you will definitely give your 6XX enough power and the DAC will give it a clean signal. Give your new setup at least a week, then switch back to your old headphones. Going back to what I was using previously always makes the difference more apparent than the switch to the new gear from the old.
Apr 13, 2020
It looks like you will only need a set of RCA' cables to go between the Atom and the Modi 3. I get almost all of my RCA used off the bay, MidFi you would say quality, from those moving up.. Today, I would look at nicely made Mogami perhaps (pragmatic RCA;) In the meantime any RCA's you may have around, will get you going.