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Mar 20, 2018
Okay, time for a new DAP.
I've been looking at the Cayin N5ii, maybe a Fiio X5, or an Opus. I'd like to stay in the neighborhood of 300 bucks. ...ish.
I'd like to have dual card slots, physical buttons, and balanced out (although that last one is not critical).
Don't need monster power. Mainly using mid-fi IEMs (Dunu hybrids, Wooduo, Sony XBA3, Vsonic GR7, other random beaters) and easy cans like Meze 99 Classics, Sony MDR-7506, V-Moda & their ilk. It would be a hoot to run my HD600's, but that's not the real day-to-day usage profile.
Here's where I need help. I'm a bit ashamed to say this out loud, but almost as important as the sound is moving files and INDEXING. Oh my holy god, scanning that music library is... grrrr. Just swear words, dude! Lots and lots of swear words. Back in the way-back days of the sansa fuze (rockboxed), Creative zen, and I-river players I never had a problem just popping on a temporary earworm or two, and boom: out the door. Easy. I like to put new crap on the player every day. But if it takes 15 minutes to rescan the library, that's pretty much my whole free time for the day (parenthood, don't get me started). Oh yea, I also like to carry around way, way, too much music, because I'm impulsive, and sometimes I do want to hear the theme song from the Jeffersons (like once every 3 or 4 years, but when the bug hits, it's important.
So I'd just love to get my mitts on something that can scan in the background like the old rockboxed players could. It would also give me the warm fuzzies if I could drag and drop in windows (including playlists). It seems like that used to be so easy, but it's harder now. Am I just imagining that? And because I have no shame, I'd be tickled pink if I could browse by album art (hell I could do it with crappy players 10 years ago, why not now?).
Does my player exist?
Thanks all & cheers!
Mar 20, 2018
Apr 17, 2018
FIIO Q5? Use your android or iphone as the transport, connect to q5 via bluetooth. 2.5mm balanced out.
Apr 17, 2018
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Omg this is so sad :l ... are they really that bad?. Because I was thinking of pick up a pair.
Jun 18, 2021
Will the Grace Balanced DAC be available soon? Since you were out I went to Amazon where they were $160, when i got ready to order the next day they went up to $262, will your price go up as well?
Grace DAC balanced..
Jun 17, 2021
My listening space, the dogs are a critical part of the room treatment.
Jun 17, 2021
The Hidizs S9 Pro sounds better than the superb S9! Probably my most favorite USB dac-amp under $100.
Jun 17, 2021
I'm trying to create a Poll to request that Drop sell this new, improved version,of BLON BL-03.
Jun 17, 2021
Does anyone know of a site like the old MassDrop?
I've purchased many items from this site over the years but I've seen it go from a place that offered discounted prices on a variety of known items to being a simple MSRP store for their own products which amount to seemingly ONLY headphones and keyboards. Does anyone know of any other sites that actually offer group deals instead of being a self-serving storefront for their own brand?
Jun 15, 2021
What is the likelihood of a THX AAA tws earbud being made?
Considering the fact that the THX pandas exist, what is the likelihood that we will get a pair of tws earbuds with AAA tech. Do you guys think there's a market for it?
Jun 14, 2021