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Massdrop Exclusive Ideas [added poll]


Have you ever been cruising around your favorite pen and paper site, store, or supplier thinking "Why doesn't the thing I'm looking for exist?" Well, with all the 'exclusive' drops we've been having lately, maybe it can become a reality!
Here's my current wishlist:
  • Rhodia Elasti-book - A5 (No 16) , with the dot grid
  • Rhodia Side-stapled pad - A5 (No 16), with dot grid
  • Leuchtturm 1917 - A5, dot grid, 100g paper
  • Pilot Decimo in Matte Black
What're your pie-in-the-sky writing items?
Chrisito Marks, TheOneInYellow, and 23 others

let's get some product from Galen Leather
I'd go with B5 stitch bound tomoe river notebook with dot grid
Loose Rhodia paper that works with Tul's disc bound system (or even a comparable system from Rhodia).
A Decimo in a Ltd edition colour, something less pastel than the normal ones. Or a raden finish!
- Super flexy fountain pen nibs, please. - Leuchtturm1917 Reporter notepads with perforated pages like they used to be. A dot grid would likely make me buy a bunch in a heartbeat. - Also, Rhodia A5 notebooks with the Leuctturm1917 bells and whistles. Or Leuctturm1917 notebooks with the paper that Rhodia is using. With dot grid, please.
Double ended fountain pen. Piston filled bent nib pen. Sketchbook with different paper mixed up and some pages having patterns on them. Rubber stamp that's just the outline of a postage stamp, so that I draw my own postal art.
I would buy anything Rhodia
I would want a 5 subject (200 page) style notebook of rhodia dot grid. I want this more than anything and would buy them by the dozen.
Do they sell anything with more than 100 pages? I would love a 2-3 hundred page in a slightly larger than the web notebook form factor.
Take a look at the Baron Fig website. I use a mix of Baron Fig (Vanguard)/Field Notes (Reporter) and Rhodia (mouse pad) while working.
"After hours" so to is ALL Baron Fig Confidant. VERY FP friendly..100 g/sq. mtr. Never had a bleed-through or ghost...and I use all manner of pens...from Hero EF Chinese to one Levenger/Sheaffer Seas reworked to a 1.0mm cursive. Inks range from Noodler to Private Reserve to Organic Studio.
A hard cover A5 notebook like the Leuchtturm 1917 or Rhodia Webnotebook but with bright white paper, preferably dotted (like the rhodia dotpad paper), but line or grid would work too. Seems like ivory and off white paper dominates this notebook category.
I have the J. Herbin and a no-name Chinese pen off Ebay and they are not hard to clean - not any more so than a EF fountain pen. Warm water works best. Not sure about an eye dropper conversion for the Kaweco. I am glad that I did not do so to the J. Herbins as they are a POS. All of my J. Herbin pens have developed cracks on the barrels at the threads and leak.
OK, so I thought of another. According to rumor, Kaweco used to make a Classic Sport roller ball that took either international short or long fountain pen cartridges or converters. I have several of the J. Herbin roller ball pens that take international short FP cartridges and I am most disappointed in them. I have a couple of cheap Chinese-made roller balls which take FP cartridges and they work OK, but the nibs are rather scratchy and ink flow can be inconsistent.
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Man that must be a pain to clean. Also, I wonder if you could convert it to an eyedropper.
Actually not too bad to clean, I use isopropyl alcohol and it cleans very well. I have not tried converting any of them to eyedropper style. After the bad experience with the J. Herbin pens, I am leery of converting a cheap pen to an eyedropper. I have my Stipula Passaporto for an eyedropper and it has a huge ink capacity.
My dream is for a Rhodia, top-stapled, three-hole-punched, A4, dot grid pad filled with at least 80 sheets of 100g paper. I am ambivalent about the covers, but would prefer a solid back, with a foldable cover. Cover color can be any that Rhodia currently offers. I don't care for pockets in my pads, but if one is there, it wouldn't be a deal breaker. When I rip pages out of pads, I prefer to put them into one of my binders by topic, so I do not use pockets in the pads.
I second B5 notepads from Rhodia. While I like the Mnemosyne B5 notepads, they only contain 80 pages of decent paper that is not quite Clairefontaine quality. I do not have any complete bleed through with the Mnemosyne paper, but there is enough that I can only use one side of each page. Feathering is minimal, except with my broadest and scratchiest FP nibs on Mnemosyne paper. Clairefontaine paper is some of the best economical paper that I have used for FP use.
Maruman makes a pad of ring punched paper. I buy it for my Japanese 13 hole binder but it also includes 2 holes for the other style of binder. You can also buy it as a pack of loose paper. I like the grid and it is also available ruled.
Oops I meant 26 holes. Great way to only carry a few pages at a time and rearrange pages at need as well.
Oh man I just remembered another one - if someone, anyone, would make a Gregg ruled steno pad and/or reporters pad a little rugged and with decent paper, that would be amazing. It would prooooooooobably not be usable with fountain pens, but still. I've only ever seen Mead make that kind of thing anymore.
I would love Rhodia or clairfontain dot grid loose leaf paper. This way i could actually use it in school.
A5 Rhodiarama notebook with WHITE paper. Ivory drives me nuts.
Hardcover wirebound journals with guaranteed fountain pen friendly paper in A5/Half-Letter size. It's incredibly frustrating to pay anywhere between $7-$20 for a beautiful journal only to get it home and have my inks bleed and feather all over the paper even when using a Fine nib.
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Thanks for the suggestions but... :) while I do love Maruman they're not hardcover and only 80 sheets which isn't much for a journal. The Rhodia Reverse book is nice but I really do prefer a rectangular shape as opposed to a square, and the Filofax paper is crap with fountain pens. I want journals like you get from Piccadilly or Paperblanks. Piccadilly has wirebound but they can sometimes be a crap shoot on paper quality. I'm not sure of the paper quality for Paperblanks because they're not wirebound so I've never bought them. I've actually started making my own journals but I haven't quite mastered the hardcover part.
Gotcha. Yeah, I wasn't sure how hard of a hardcover you were looking for. How are you making your own journals?
I SO desperately desire Clairefontaine notebooks with 7mm dot grid ruling. Dot grid ruling is amazing, but at 5mm I jus can't use it for a lot of writing applications. With 7mm dot grid ruling, where would be nothing I couldn't do!
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Kiitos !!
I believe kokuyo make an interesting option as a campus notebook with ruled lines that have dots on the lines. both 6mm and 7mm
A full flex fountain pen an paper with copperplate guidelines
Rhodia pad / webnotebook with (faint) copperplate guidelines. No more tracing, lightpads or trying to make out the guidesheet lines through the paper.
I've gotten a lot of endorsements on this post, but no replies as to why. I'm most interested in the pen combination, so I made a poll to find out if that's what most people are into:
For me it would be a variety of B5-sized items:
--B5 notepad/notebook options from Rhodia --hardcover B5 notebook from Apica (they currently make a hardcover A5) --B5 leather cover from Alchemy (also mentioned in the thread "B5 Notebook Covers")
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MD just put up a drop for Leuchtturm B5.
Ah nice thanks for the head's up! -- guess my poll worked haha