Mar 2, 201892 views

Over-Ears vs. IEMs?

In terms of sound quality, isolation, and soundstage.
Might be buying IEMS soon for portable use.

Some cannot wear or cannot be comfortable wearing CIEM/IEM phones due to their ear canal sensitivities/physiology. Really good isolation from outside sound with closed over-ear, non-active noise cancelling headphones is rare. CIEM/IEM phones generally do a better job at outside sound isolation. Thus far only a few closed headphones with active noise cancelling do a respectable job reducing outside sound intrusion, although it comes to the detriment of sound quality. Health advantage in reducing outside sound is it allows headphone/earphone users to play their music at lower volumes rather than increasing volume to compensate for outside noise intrusion, thereby reducing risk of premature hearing losses.
I much prefer iems. There are so many different styles of tips, one can surely find a good comfortable fit without the heft /weight of over ears. I'm a big Campfire Audio fanboy.
sound quality: over ears but this depends on the tuning of the IEMs isolation: IEMS, no question on this unless it is a really tight-fitting-closed over ears headphones soundstage: depends on the IEMs tuning, closed over ears are typically very small, open over ears are typically better