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what is the bes aprox. £150 loud speakers

i am looking for a pair of speakers or a set of speakers for £150 to go in a black and white themed desk set up. any one got any suggestions??? the ones in the picture are the edifier lunar eclipse bluetooth speakers


hi thanks to every one, as my birthday is coming up i am getting a pair of speakers. i have ordered them on amazon. the 150 price tag was still to steep for what i was planning so i settled on around 100. the speakers i got where the edifier R1280T's from what i have seen they are great bang for the buck.
KefQ100 is about the cheapest speaker worth buying. imo. there are normally some good deals on them if you look around.
you aren't going to find good speakers for $150, or 150 pounds.
Not sure that's right tbh you can find plenty of good speakers in that price range cost isn't the only sign of quality. I have a pair of Dali Zensor 1s at only £50 over that and I would say they are more than good.
To the OP it depends what you are wanting the speakers for? is it monitoring or is it for general listening? you will have to make some compromise at the price.