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Icebreaker Banff Tech Lite Short-Sleeve Shirt 2015

Thought I'd give a brief review of my first and only merino T.
Size is pretty good fitting. It's not athletic cut but not baggy either. I'd say it's a good comfortable fit. BUT it is not soft at least to me. Since this is the only merino T I have it's hard to say how soft or itchy. It does itch a little bit and I found myself scratching a few times. It's not bad but it is a minor inconvenience. I'd like to know what others feel like.
Tested it by running 4 consecutive days without washing. I sweat... a lot. So it didn't smell at all. I had to wash it only because of the sweat steaks. It does wick sweat well but gets clammy. Does dry out in a few hours.
So for keeping odor at bay and looking cool, I'm willing to forgo the minor inconvenience of it being a bit itchy.
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I have a pair of Icebreaker Anatomica underwear. I must say I agree with the itching situtation. After a few washes it might become very noticeable. I wear them occasionally to work, due to the hot climate in my country and the physical (and sun exposed) nature of my job and the huge amounts of sweat I have.
The odor resistance is indeed excellent and so are the wicking properties. I did notice however slight smell buildup at the connection area bellow the groin, probably due to a concentration of synthetic fibers for added strength - though it's barely noticeable.
I wash them by hand with Nikwax Wool Wash, does the job pretty good, though as I mentioned it makes it slightly itchier in the long run.
I want to try a pair of Smartwool underwear later on for comparison sakes, since I have their 250g 100% merino shirt and it's incredible!
I have probably way too much Merino stuff from Icebreaker: t-shirts, collared shirts, underwear, shorts, jackets. I used to sell the stuff and got hooked at that point. I like the look and the feel of the wool, especially in the t-shirts as the colours are very vibrant and I find they wear very well (I also sweat a great deal, but I have no issues with itchiness, although it definitely is a different feeling than cotton next to skin). I find the fabric is, umm, not very flattering if one has put on a few pounds though, and as such I seem to have an almost even collection of size Medium and size Large t-shirts. But that must be be at least partly because my weight fluctuates a little and I'm also generally between sizes. Anyway, I love how quick the stuff dries and their odourphobicness (especially the t-shirts). They are amazing for travelling. Their underwear is great too, but I will say that I have torn two pairs of those before, which--considering their price--was disappointing, and as such I've not bought them again.
I started hand washing as well. I did get smartwool base layers (100% wool) and they're much softer than Icebreaker and feel good next to skin. Thanks for the tip.
I havery many merinos and have been reacting to the itch more and more with washings. I recently read about washing with vinegar or soaking with hair conditioner. I will update.
@Bair - I don't wash my wool clothing nearly as often as my other clothing, and when I do I use only a very mild natural detergent and hang dry. This works for everyone in my family. I do have some of the nikwax wool wash, but never use it. Though that is something to consider too.
Finally, when you do wash, make sure you zip up all zippers on all clothing in the laundry. Those small metal zipper teeth can snag on merino and cause a small whole that may eventually become a tear.
I wear the merino T to Korean BBQs -- the BBQ smell won't stick so I still can go other places afterwards. ;-P Still wear my dri-fit for running. The merino T looks great in style, so I wear it more as a daily T. just reviewed this shirt (sans Banff design) after 1500 days of use!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Merino clothing @Hunt
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Thank you for the visual and info.
Also, use caution when washing any merino apparel. Take care to fully zip up any zippers on other clothing in the laundry so that the metal zipper teeth don't snag your wool clothing.
Did you just get your normal size and would you recommend sizing up/down at all? Also, how was it after the wash? Any shrinking or anything?
I got my usual size - M. I'm lean and it fit me pretty good. I'd say if you're athletic or lean type of body, just go with your normal size. I'm sure it did shrink a bit. I have since put more miles on it and it feels good. I don't put it in the washing machine or dryer. I hand wash and air dry overnight.