shipping time and taxs to bulgaria ?

Hello guys , i ordered an hd 58x from sofia , bulgaria and i don't know how many days it will take to ship here and if there will be any taxs i should pay to get , i will leave the country 2 weeks from now as i am a foreigner here , so is it possible to get a refund if my order won't make it in time ?

Apr 16, 2020
I saw your other comment but I will just reply here. From my own experience and this is my package coming to Ireland, not Bulgaria, there is no way your package will arrive by May if you ordered today or yesterday. I detailed my process flow in the other thread you commented on, but will list it more detailed here as I'd imagine this is a widely googled topic at the moment given the global crisis. 28th March / Day 0 - Ordered 4th April / Day 7 - dispatch notification 6th April / Day 9 - DHL received collection notification 6th April / Day 9 - collected in Edison, NJ, USA 7th April / Day 10 - processed in Avenel, NJ, USA 8th April / Day 11 - Processing completed 10th April / Day 13 - Processed in Frankfurt, Germany 14th April / Day 17 - Processed in Speyer, Germany 15th April / Day 18 - Processed in Köln, Germany 16th April / Day 19 - The shipment will be transported to the destination country/destination area and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization. (Homepage / online shipment tracking: ****THIS WILL BE YOUR NATIONAL POSTAL SERVICE TRACKING LINK**** As you can see, it's nearly 3 weeks since I ordered and my package it seems is still in Germany. I am hoping that I will have my headphones delivered to me Saturday the 18th or Monday the 20th. Which by the way, is late as a result of DROP shipping late as opposed to a DHL delivery. The DHL delivery is 5-10 days, and if I get my headphones before close of business Monday the 20th, DHL met their obligations. I spent some time working in logistics so feel very mildly qualified to make some statements... Cargo movement have suffered hugely in the crisis, not because the couriers are not incompetent, but because of external factors. The usual small packs like headphones etc would usually be air freight on passenger planes. Now that these flights are grounded, UPS, DHL, DPD etc have to reply on contractors, their own cargo planes if they have them or simply hope that the limited passenger planes still flying can get packages to areas where they can still get the items to the destination country. This is no easy task. I am as impatient as a spoilt toddler, but we have to remember, the bigger freight companies are possibly being forced by governments to priorities essential shipments also, and then factor in the above impacts added to this. @Sakamoto as for tax, you'll have to google the import tax laws yourself for Bulgaria, I know in Ireland it is 23-35% of the shipment value depending on many factors. This is not just intended as a reply to this thread but for anyone who is waiting on a DHL shipment in Europe, or has ordered from Drop. Enjoy the items once they arrive!! (search words - for people who google) DROP DHL INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COVID19 CORONAVIRUS EU EUROPE IRELAND.
Nov 18, 2020
When did finally receive your headphones and how did you pay vat ?
Feb 22, 2021
Sorry @pancakelimited, I've only just seen this now. I got them on the 28th of April as per the above comment, it was delayed but it was entirely DHL's fault. In Ireland you can only pay cash. So I had done the figures and knew roughly what it would be and then had change covered off. I knew it was going to be about 45e so I have 2x 20e, 1x 10e, 1x 5e, 2x 2e and a 1e. Assuming it's way too late for you but hopefully anyone else who searchs in the future can see this.