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Beats Studio 3 (Shadow Grey)

Would anyone would be interested in to starting a drop for the beat studio 3's? I see them currently on amazon for 279, however I can only find the shadow grey version for $350.

Instead of Beats, if you want a high end wireless headphone that will be the most advanced headphone in existance when it comes out, may want to wait for the Audeze Mobius. Can preorder it now for under $270... will be $400 upon release. Closed, LDAC wireless planar with built-in headtracking and 3D DSP surround. Sound signature is supposed to be a cross between LCD2 and LCD-X.... for MUCH less cost. It's both a solid bass wireless headphone and incredible Surround sound gaming headset and movie headphone in one package. Wireless planar...never been done before!
Rather then just rightfully Crapping on beats I’ll give you a few suggestions...if you really want a quality closed back headphone the Audio-Technica atx m50x will blow away any beats headphone at any price and the m50x runs between 120-160$. If you don’t mind open back the hifiman he400i which is on sale now for 220$ at most stores is Literally light years ahead of anything beats could make in their dreams. I highly recommend both, although the atx m50x is more a consumer style headphone (heavy bass low midrange heavy treble) like all beats products except it does it way better and cleaner. The He400i is more towards the audiophile sector of headphones being much more neutral, however when amped properly it is unreal, and it also responds to eq very well.
all Beats audio gear is poo
This is fact