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[Ongoing] Sunglasses Discussion

On Massdrop, whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned expert, you should always be able to find answers to your questions within the community.
SUNGLASSES Everyone needs them, and everyone has their own style. When you take face shapes, lens colors, materials, and fits into consideration, they can quickly become complex. With that, we hope this discussion can help you see things clearly.
ASK QUESTIONS • What are the best sunglasses for hiking, biking, or outdoor activities in general? • What factors of quality should I be looking for? • What kind of lens color/tint is best for me?
Find your answers by asking the community. There are members here who are experts in pretty much every area you can imagine, and they can help you go from beginner to pro.
Ask your question/s by posting in the discussion below.
GIVE ANSWERS Many of you in the community have valuable information to share. We encourage you to help those who have questions or open the topic up for debate.

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gaku, BOCONI, and 7 others

My goto is Glorify Air. Has vent holes on top for antifogging happiness. They also says unbreakable...
I am uisng Polarized lenses but Polarized lenses is not good for driving. I am now trying to find non Polarized lenses for driving and outdoor activity
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perhaps his instrument cluster is fully digital and not not visible through polarized lenses.
Anti glare for driving
I have hundreds of pairs of sunglasses from all different designers. lately I have been trying to avoid the big brands and have been focusing more on the underground scene. Here are some companies that I think are doing new things in 2018.
Dita (japan)
Parasite (France) NRODA (NYC) mykita (germany) MATSUDA (Japan)
I would love to see more non-luxottica brands on MD but in terms of EDC I always keep a set of Dior Homme (fancy) or raybans (casual) frames on hand. Most of which I’ve gotten for amazing prices here on MD
They’re all well established companies. They’ve all been around a while
maui Jim’s are great but my EDC is a Knoxville XL by Electric. The polarized bronze lens in Tortuga.
Maui Jim’s or gtfo. I’m so tired of seeing this cheap garbage. I want highest quality optics with glass lenses from them; all other sunglasses are fashion accessories and a waste of time/money.
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Revo use to make the best lenses for sunglasses
Salt optics and leisure society are more pricey but have even better lenses than mj
I have a ridiculous huge collection of sunglasses. Lots of different brands and iconic styles. The one's I wear most are Persols and Randolph Engineering.
How about more polarized sunglasses for women......
They're getting hard to find, but glass lenses are far more durable than plastic (which is cheaper to manufacture).
Polarized lenses are good for water-sports use; the orientation of the polarization is typically set to reduce glare bouncing off of an horizontal surface.
Polarized lenses can be bad for driving - stress induced birefringence in windshield glass can affect drivers' vision.
Rayban G15's are my preferred lenses, unpolarized. They're colour neutral.
You are correct in my book, glass is better. I need RX lenses and I’m really gonna try and go glass. For me Massdrop offers decent choices that can be RX ed and I’ve bought severaL. Now can I get glass in the frames I want. I do wish Massdrop would sell more RX able sunglasses like Fendi, etc.
Costa Saltbreak for anything on the water. Carrerras when I want to pretend that I’m cool.
What type of glasses are good for outdoor work
I currently use as my daily pair a pair of Allyn Scura legends in tortoiseshell acetate frames with green/gray mineral glass UV lenses. They use nice German 3 barrel hinges and I believe Schott glass.
Next pair I want something with a clear frame and reflective lens for a bit sportier look.
I've always hated sunglasses. Never liked the feeling of not "seeing the real world", and have something on my face. But I recently started really getting into it. Had a pair of RayBan folding Wayfarer for a while, now have vintage American Optical Saratogas (the same ones JFK had :P). If you're often around a beach or driving, I'd suggest a pair with polarized lenses. Gets rid of almost all reflections on water, meaning you'll see right through the ocean. Also gets rid of most flare and reflections on vehicles etc. But it will distort the color of your screens, so it's a bit of a pain in the ass always having to take them off all the time to look at your phone. Also keep in mind your overall "style". I think wayfarer fit more of a beachy/nautical guy personally, while aviators fit your cool Tom Cruise-Top Gun style. Color of lens and frame is really just about preference and what fits your face. Frame SHOULD contrast your face (round lens on square face and the other way around), but honestly as long as you feel comfortable wearing them, you're fine.
100% agree., sunglasses are meant to improve clarity. It's why I went to Maui Jim and haven't looked back. Throw a pair on and you'll see the world how it's it meant to be seen.
American Optical makes some great polarized glasses, have a pair myself. Got them as a replacement for a pair of Costas that now reside somewhere off the coast of Belize.
I have some folding Persols in my collection that are higher quality than just about any other out of glasses. You pay a premium for it but they’re so stylish and feel perfect. Would definitely recommend
Man do I regret not backing those in time. Persols are awesome.
Persols are my next move. My collection is Maui Jim, but I've been needing a pair of ultra portable/foldable pair. Additionally, I've head Persol rivals Maui in clarity. I sure hope so!
Oakley Mainlink for sure. I have a bunch of lenses for them too. Check out the prism ranges...they have a lot of stuff for a lot of different activities!
Hey folks. We have a winner of the Ray-Ban RB8316 Tech Carbon Fiber Sunglasses. Congrats to @equanimity! The giveaway has concluded, but if you have any questions (or answers), keep them coming. Thanks y'all.
Maui Jim has the best lenses. I have owned other quality brands but the lenses in the Maui Jim's happened to be my favorite. I can also wear them when Im not on the water. Which is always a plus. I do usually have one pair for work and another for everything else. Two styles. One for when in a suit and one for the beach or boat.
Hope we can see some Maui Jim's on MD soon.
The Titanium Maui Jim's might be what you are looking for if you are looking for an ultralight pair for sporting activities. Had two pair and they are so light you forget you have them on.
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I have a pair of Costa frameless I love but theyre plastic lens and non on the same level as Maui Glass. Color rendition and clarity is awesome on Maui’s Glass lenses.
try the Julbo Camel lenses, polarized and Photochromic. it's an awesome combination.
For driving, rb aviators
I have a giant noggin. I'm a pretty big guy. 6'8" 260lbs. Finding anything that fits off the shelf has been quite the quest for me. Sunglasses have to have 2 qualities for me. One is comfort, 2 is fit on my face. I have the Oakley sliver XLs. Love em. Lightweight, polarized and good lens size for my face. They are reasonably priced so I'm not devastated if I smash or lose them
Costa Del Mar has several extra large frames. Great lenses, too. You might already be familiar but if not definitely check them out. Might be what you are looking for. They have light frame styles but the most popular ones might be heavier than what you are looking for.
I once found a pair of Raybans, which while slightly heavier than my $20 chemist pair, were the most reliable & comfortable pair. You really do notice a difference in their build quality. But it sucks even more when, as a volunteer fire fighter, you lose them at an incident. Back to my $20 pair it is!
I really like Serengetti's for driving. I like the yellow lens over darker lenses which seems to improve visibility even using them at dusk.
I've been wearing Oakley's for years now but I'm done with them, there lens coating is no good, it starts peeling off a little after the year warranty is up. Oakley's used to be good but the ju aren't anymore, the problem is I like the way they fit. Anyone got any suggestions for a brand that fits good like them but is off better quality. At this price level I expect them to last, goodbye Oakley.
I had the same issue with a pair of glasses used for shooting. 2 of the changeable lenses had the coating come off in spots.
I have had a lot of sunglasses over the years, starting with mirrored pilot glasses when I was 14, at the time because it was cool. The real need started when I got my driving license, and later the Started with sports (triathlon). My favourite brand is Oakley M-frames. They are shaped so that you dont get any reflections at the inside of the glasses, they are optically correct (i.e. no distortion). The problem is that they are very expensive (at least here in Sweden) and they are very sensitive to scratches (the old frames even scratched the inside of the glasses). Another problem is that they are bulky. Finding the price tag irritating I looked on the web for alternative lenses and found some to a tenth of the cost. I also bought another pair of sun glasses (for about US $ 10 or less, including two sets of extra lenses in other colors and a bag) at a store that mainly sells food (Lidl), and these comes with a 3-year guarantee. These glasses where pretty good to my surprise. They do not have the excellence in clarity as the Oakleys do but as an extra pair they are very good, and you dont really need to worry about scratches on your (up to US $ 150 ) lenses. If you have the money I would definitely choose Oakleys but if not one can do very good with low budget alternative like the one described. There is one feature I miss in most glasses: When the sun shines at certain angles the light "overradiates the lens. A small edge on the of the frame of the glasses (one or two millimetres) would do the trick and thus make them even better. Regarding the tint it is depending on time of day, if it is cloudy, haze, fog etc. If its foggy a pair of yellow lenses improves the vision and you can see further with higher contrasts for instance. The best is to be able to change between two or three pair of lenses. To summarise it: Changeable lenses for different types of weather. Somewhat curved lenses so that you avoid disturbing reflections from/on the inside of the lens. Optically correct (i.e. no distortion caused by the lens). Good fit so that they don´t fall of if you stumble etc. "Unbulky" Scratch resistant.
Julbo mountain heritage sunglasses are great. Polarized in different colors and also include removeable leather blinders that protect the sides of eyes from sunlight and glare.
Have over thirty new pairs and prefer Raybans,Izods and Porsche Carrera Sunglasses.I use only polarized lenses.I do sell sunglasses for reduced prices.
I have owned more sunglasses than I probably will ever need in my life. I only wear Oakley's for when I'm doing anything active. I currently use the radar path and flak jackets due to being able to change lenses. I went in on the drop for the Ferrari Carbon Irdiums. For just normal everyday wear I have Raybans and Carrera's as well as some "luxury brand" stuff which I hardly ever wear. My next pair will probably be a pair of Maui Jim's. I've heard nothing but praise for their sunglasses.
I've always liked Oakley's for their youthful style, but recently I've ventured into more Revo's and I have Maui Jims and a pair of Raybans. The problem with the latter is that they are SO heavy. The Oakley's are clearly the winner for sports wearing... the more "adult" glasses are good for driving or being outside doing a little less that running around or fast movement... IMO.
Is there any use to non-polarized lenses? I have a pair for the car so I can see google maps on my phone but are there any other benefits?
I have some polarized Maui Jims and can see my phone pretty well still. What sort of phone do you have? My understanding, and what I've noticed, is the benefits of polarized glasses can also be their cons. The way they work can make it more difficult to make out fine details (especially considering the way light refracts on some surfaces). Also, you'll typically find they're a tad more expensive than non-polarized glasses.
It's just odd at some angles and the colors are off.
Nice looking Ray-Ban RB8316 Tech Carbon Fiber. I'm guessing the carbon fiber makes them lighter, but what are the lenses made from ? Glass or plastic ?
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Thanks NogaroS4 & AussieChopperBob. Nice to know there are some knowledgeable folk in the community 😎
I agree with @NogaroS4: if anything, they're heavier.
I really enjoy Costa Sunglasses; great lens choices for any need.
I got a pair of Oakley Holbrook's, and I haven't looked back! I absolutely love them.