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Require Ink For My Fountain Pen

So I recently stumbled across a Fountain Pen set whilst doing some cleaning. It is a Osmiroid brand, with five nib units. I'm now in possession of it, but have no ink for it, nor ink cartridge. Is it possible to use any other ink with this, and if possible, could someone recommend me a quality, yet relatively cheap ink brand.


NB: The manual states not to use any spirit based inks, so yeah.

It would help if you could give more details, or post a picture of your set. I'm guessing it's a calligraphy set. If that's the case, is it a nib holder or a filler? what type of filler? Piston? Bulb? Converter? etc etc Generally, any fountain pen ink will do. If it's a dip pen you can also use sketch ink and even acrylic ink. And your options are endless. Let's get some more detail first and recommendations won't be a problem.
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Looks like the newer Osmiroid pens take standard international cartridges, and therefore standard international converters. You should stick with regular fountain pen ink and avoid stuff labeled waterproof, sketch or calligraphy ink. You can go with cartridges, but I recommend getting a Schmidt K5 converter or a slightly smaller Monteverde converter; you will have far more options with bottled inks. You can find the K5 on Amazon, eBay, Jetpens, ipenstore.... and pretty much anywhere they sell fountain pens and inks. Here's a link: Here's the Monteverde: The K5 is better, but your pen may be too narrow or too short for it. Standard fountain pen ink from: Pelikan, Diamine, Sailor, Rohrer & Klingner, Lamy... and so many more will do just fine. It's not about which ink to choose rather about which one to avoid. Stay away from Shimmer inks and other more advanced inks early on. Also avoid Noodlers inks for now as some of them can be problematic.
Ok. Thanks for the assistance.