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HiFiMAN HE-6: interest for Massdrop version

HiFiMAN have worked with Massdrop in the past with great success. The HE-4XX has been incredibly well received, and the latest release sold out within hours. Second-hand examples are snapped up on Head-Fi near instantly.

The HE-6 is a legend in the headphone world. It competed with the HD-800, LCD-3 and other reference cans, and in many people's opinion was best of the best. The discussions regarding how to get the best out of the HE-6 (being notoriously hard to amplify and with an abundance of possible modifications) go on to this day. This is despite it not being manufactured for some time. The HE-6 successor (HE-1000) has not developed anything near the cult following.

I for one would be really keen to see the HE-6 (or other high-end HiFiMAN planars) get the Massdrop treatment. If anyone agrees, let me know!

Aug 21, 2018
I’d be all in for a MassDrop HE6.
Jul 11, 2018
I own the HE-6 and dread the day it dies cuz I love it. According to this chart,, the successor is the $6,000 Susvera. So it would totally make sense if a new and improved HE-6 was re-added to the lineup, perhaps along the lines of Audeze' LCD-2C, at $799. I also really liked the LCD-2, but sold it because it was too heavy. HE-6 on the other hand is plenty comfortable.
Unfortunately because it demands high power amp, it's appeal is pretty cultish, and it will never top any of the five polls that currently include it.
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