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Starting my adventure into the world of IEMs

So, this year I decided to sell my soul, sacrifice my wallet and seal my fate in a ritual that was everything but holy. That ended in me buying my first set of, what I deem to be, serious audio gear( the K7XX,Vali 2 and the Mimby). Since then I've started staring into the IEM's audio abyss and the abyss has been staring into me, rather seductively I might add. God damn it, Nietzsche was right. And thus I was wondering, what IEMs would you recommend ? Something on the $200 range would be ideal, but I'm willing to go as far as $350. I'm planning this rather carefully, because as luck would have it good quality audio gear is oh so very hard to find in Brazil, for reasonable prices. Thank you in advance ladies and gentlemen.
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etymyotic er4xr
Oooooh, I've looked a bit into those. The er4xr is the one with a slight boost to the bass the right ? I've read that they are extremely analytical and offer one of the best noise isolation, albeit they don't seem to be that comfortable to use for extended periods of time.
i dont have them but i have heard the lore. isolation is top notch. if i had the money i wouldn’t think twic
Have you looked into Sony XBA-Z5 or the EX1000?
Nope, hadn't heard of them yet. I'll take a look at them!(although at this point in time I'm pretty much settled for the Orion) Thanks for your input!
Depends on what sound signature you like. Personally I like a more neutral/mid forward sound signature so in that price I'd recommend the ATH LS200 or the Campfire Orions. TFZ Kings or even the Massdrop Plus are also things you can consider.
Thanks, for your input! I was actually taking a look at the Campfire Orions, I loved their looks ! And from the little research I've done ,Campfire seems to make some pretty amazing products. About the sound signature, I don't think I've found mine yet, I mean the K7XX is all I've really listened to, so I have no way of knowing if the K7XX's is my favorite.