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HuB update - Visit to Factory 3-15-2018

This last Wednesday I took a trip to visit my manufacturing partners for the HuB profile. They had questions, we had questions, it just made sense to have a face to face visit. We had a wonderful meeting and had many questions answered, most favorably. At the end of the meeting both sides came away with a better understanding of the project and how we are going to achieve the desired end goal.
After our visit I have no doubts that our plastics team can deliver the quality we expect for a price everyone will love. Our biggest question was, "how long will it take to have keycaps in hand from the time we slap down the cash?"
16 weeks
That's correct, 16 weeks to do the tooling and produce the first batches of caps. That's less time than a Signature Plastics keycap run, for which the molds already exist. I was told that after the molds exist that we can have keycaps in days. I couldn't hardly believe my ears, but then they showed me their operation.
After seeing how they run things I realized they weren't being arrogant or bull shitting. I firmly believe they will be able to deliver what they are promising, and I couldn't be more excited.
It was a short trip, but so much was accomplished and if I wasn't already pumped for HuB, I definitely am now. We are excited to announce that the kickstarter will launch on April 1st 2018. We are planning to have keycaps in folks hands in October. It's ambitious as hell, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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Great news! Glad it went well. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when saying that we are excited for this! Will we be able to see what sets are available there when it goes live?
Yes, all info will be available on the Kickstarter when it goes live
Extremely excited for this! Will we get some ideas on what the different sets and kits will be offered before the kickstarter goes live? I know at least I would like some time to plan out what all I'm wanting and to know how much we'll be able to mix and match some of the keys between sets.
The palette among the 12 sets has been designed so that there should be some really good mix and match options. We’ve been teasing colorways on our Instagram
I've been following along to see the colors! Paperwork has some of my favorite colors on the modifiers. Right now, I need that + Biscayne + Laguna to create a dream setup. I might possibly need Drift as well.
Really looking forward to this! :D