The search for a very specific feature on a gaming mouse.
Hello all,
I've been looking high and low off and on for the last year or so for a replacement for my Logitech G600 gaming mouse (Logitech's answer to the Naga). I bought it on a whim when they first came out thinking that it would be great for MMOs. This did not turn out to be the case. I quickly found that only six of the twelve thumb keys were reasonably usable and of those only three or four were easily so. In spite of this the G600 has been my everyday gaming mouse for years now because of one thing. The "G-Shift key"

The ring finger rest is also a key just like your right and left click key. The gimmick is that it will "shift" the twelve thumb keys to secondary functions so that you have twenty four programmable keys on your thumb in the guise of twelve. I never really used the key for that function but I do use it in every game I play for one use or another. I love it. It feels very natural to me and I often find myself trying to cram two fingers onto the right click key when at work or using other mice.
I don't know if Logitech owns intellectual rights to all ring finger mouse keys or if no other major manufacturers see the benefits but if anyone is aware of a similar feature on another gaming mouse I am trying to get away from the mess of thumb keys on this guy and would be grateful for any leads.


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