Strange claims of no Warranty from Creative Labs & Massdrop

I bought a Creative Labs ZXR from Massdrop last November, as seen here:
My understanding was that it came with a 1 year warranty. That is what the official Creative Labs website states for this product, here's proof:
Moreover, many - and most likely, all - of the purchasers of this card and the commenters on that Discussion believe that it comes with a one year warranty, and some have stated so to others.
With my ZXR, I ended up receiving a defective ACM unit. So I contacted Creative Labs first, and described the issue. Initially they offered to replace the whole package or else nothing at all, even though I only wanted a new ACM, my soundcard itself works fine, and I already replaced the stock op amps (which is not easy for me), and sending the whole thing back would be a waste of money due to how it would significantly increase my shipping cost. Then Creative Labs asked for my address and when they found out I live in Canada, they refused to do anything at all (not even replace the whole package under warranty). Creative Labs told me that because I live in Canada, I must contact Massdrop for any warranty issues.
So next I contacted Massdrop and described the issue in full detail. The Massdrop employee told me that he double-checked the drop page, and that since it does not list any warranty, my product has none. I replied stating that I believe my product does have a warranty because the Creative Labs official website says that it does.
He replied again, and reiterated his assertion that my ZXR has no warranty at all. Although he also said he reached out and was able to get an exception, if I were to sound back the whole package (the same was Creative Labs told me to do before they found out I live in Canada).
I am writing this thread because I wanted to hear feedback from other community members about if it is normal for Massdrop to claim that their products have no warranty unless it is specifically stated on the Massdrop's Description page.
And even if that is normal, it's highly unethical, because 99% or more of their users are not going to understand that they are buying a product with no warranty. Rather, they are going to make the extremely reasonable assumption that the standard manufacturer's warranty applies to the version of the identical product that is sold by Massdrop. If Massdrop truly offers no warranty on those items, then the only ethical way to sell them is for Massdrop to start including an explicit statement on every such product's description which says "This product has no warranty."
Please tell me your feedback about these issues.


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